4 Dinners in NYC/Manhattan

Oh, yeah. I love the whole area so much. As a senior citizen (71 in a week) I could never keep the pace that you did. PS: We did a house exchange in Greenpoint and enjoyed it a lot. Thanks.

Thank you again for your recommendations, I think your recommendations are right on given my tastes and sensibilities. So far Trattoria Italienne and The Modern were outstanding. Looking forward to Indian Accent tomorrow.

I would have to agree, we loved Trattoria Italienne!

Lunch at the Modern was amazing!
Taste profiles were perfect for my palate, service excellent, and the wine list is wonderful as well.
We enjoyed it very much, and I can not wait to go for dinner when I return to NYC next time.

She knows her stuff, doesn’t she?

@beam, Since it can be a bit dicey making restaurant recommendations, I’m thrilled that you loved Trattoria Italienne and The Modern D.R. I hope you enjoy Indian Accent as much.

@catholiver, What a nice compliment! Thanks!

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Interim mini report:
Trattoria Itallienne - Dinner
Ambiance is very pleasant, service warm, friendly, and efficient. Wine list is great for the food they serve, and the person in charge of wine was very knowledgeable about the wines on her list.
Food standouts were - prosciutto, boquerones, burrata, polpettini (pork meatballs with soft polenta),macaroncello with housemade pork sausage.
Overall outstanding dinner experience.
I am worried that they will go out of business as they were not that busy Sat night

Indian Accent was wonderful, and I don’t even like Indian food. Really enjoyed the flavors and the presentation. Great service, and good wine list. We had 2 or 3 Rieslings
and they matched the food really well. Another great recommendation from @RGR!
Highly recommend Indian Accent!

Batard (Tribeca) - Dinner

Ambiance was very pleasant, not too loud, but not tranquil either.
Appetizers were great, beef tartare, hamachi crudo, and foie gras terrine all were amazing.
When we were done with the appetizers, a gentleman who looked like a manager came over to help to clear the table, and I told him how wonderful our first bites were.
“it will all be downhill from here” he said, jokingly. Turned out his comment was foretelling.
From the middle courses which arrived after about a 15 minute gap agnolotti was great, but seeared foie gras was way over cooked and dry.
I did not mark the time, but I estimate that main courses have did not arrive until about 30 minutes after first courses were cleared. It may have been even 45 minutes. They said that a large party ordered right before us and they were really busy in the kitchen.
Don’t know how busy they were since I saw the chef walking around the dining room shaking saying hi to some diners.
Sadly main courses were not worth the wait, especially Brune Landaise whcih was dry as hell, and branzino boulillabiasse, featured some pieces of fish that were as hard as the sole of my shoes. Halibut was delicious and perfectly cooked though.
I found the service to be cold, especially the wine guy who appeared to be totally disinterested, and they also managed to screw up the digestif order. In total it was about $1000 for 5 people including 2 bottles of wine. Amazing burgundy wine list!
We will not be back.

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Momofuku SSAM Bar
I was skeptical about having dinner there.
We sat in the back dining room which was quiet and very pleasant, although the tables are way too close together.
The buns with pork belly were very tasty. Other dishes that were hits: sardines on the toast, shrimp toast, glazed ribs, whole roasted fish. One dish that we did not care for was Shellfish Sambal. Very friendly service and nice wine list. I really liked the flavors and preparations at SSAM. Will be happy to dine there again.

That may be the very oddest food critique I’ve ever read. I wonder how you can overcook foie gras. I cook it 30 seconds on one side and 20 on the other. If I were to cook it longer it would become a complete liquid. I in no way doubt you, just wonder what on earth was going on. I hope you sent it back.

It was my assumption it was overcooked, but that maybe a wrong term here.
Foie was very firm and w/out any pink colors inside. Its texture completely lacked the buttery “melt in you mouth” feel. The taste was pretty good though. Go figure…

I wonder if they cooked it super low.