$7 Artisanal Uncrustables @ PBJ.LA w/ BONUS FOOD WASTEAGE!

After the gutpunch that was Ramen Roll in Culver City, I couldn’t fend off the schadenfreudacious (?:thinking:) urge to try Fleischman’s newest cockamamie concept: PBJ.LA (Yelp).


We decided on the $7 :money_mouth_face: “Old Fashioned” which is made with Pecan Butter, Apple Butter, Angostura Bitters, and Orange Zest.

They make the sandwiches to order. After the bread receives its fillings, the sandwich gets run through the Uncrustable Press and the edges get torn away. Then you have a choice to take your sandwich as is, or to have it toasted. We chose toasted.


It tasted good enough and even somewhat like an Old Fashioned.

But fuckin’ hell. Why can’t they charge $4 for this sandwich?? :astonished: Is it to cover the costs of manning your booth with (at least) 8 people? Perhaps they will staff fewer people once business is running smoothly. But prices are unlikely to drop…

Also, when they were peeling the edges from the sandwich (which I would have chosen to keep), I asked them what they did with all the discarded crusts.

Reply: “We are trying to find somewhere to donate them to, but we haven’t found anywhere that will take them yet.”

What a waste! The removed crust was approximately 50% of the bread total. :worried:

This is a fun idea that hits a nostalgic nerve, but I will not be eating here again under the current model.

Wasn’t this tried a few years ago with some sort of ‘build your own’ pb+j bar? The idea has become no better in the time since.

Anyone who pays $7 for a peanutbutter sandwich DESERVES to have paid it.


*pecan butter is $7, peanut butter is only $5. /s

That reminds me of the muffin top Seinfeld episode when elaine tried donating the muffin stumps to the homeless shelter but they won’t take them without the tops. #topofthemuffintoyou


Elaine can go pound sand. The stumps are just as worthy as the tops. Softer, sweeter, dissolving effortlessly with a sip of tea or coffee like some Proustian trigger, to be left with the blueberry, or the chocolate chip as the only reminder of a youth squandered, a fortune gained and lost, the truest love you will ever feel receding into the mists of the past.



No thanks.

I make PBJ’s for lunch/snack so I can save $$$.

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Do they at least have a toto toilet?


Thanks for taking one for the team!

I saw this place the other day before it was actually open. My first thought was “what a terrible / ridiculous concept”. My second thought was “ugly AF”. The décor is so over the top; I get what they were trying to do, but just really, really silly.

They should grill the sandwiches, instead of toasting them.

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That’ll be $2 extra.


So… I tried this place opening day. I also got the old-fashioned; it was pretty good.

I don’t know if a PB&J needs that level of specialization or devotion to craft, lol.

If you want a slightly fancy sandwich, go to Clark Street next to Eggslut. It’s about the same price and the food still bangs.

I wouldn’t mind seeing this menu as a cheaper side at a coffee shop, but it doesn’t really merit its own stall.