A Bakery on the Westside... Kinda’

My cousin needs a bakery for a quick, last minute dessert to take to a casual dinner at our friends’ house tonight. She wants it as on the way as possible. Here’s her route - starting at Fairfax, heading West on Olympic, South on Robertson to Venice Blvd/Inglewood Blvd area. Tall order? Or do ya’ got somethin’?


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La Provence on Olympic and LaPeer. A few blocks out of the way. They close early though.

Anything in downtown Culver City? Can’t think of anything.


i would have suggested copenhagen pastry but they close at 4. japanese bakery in the mitsuwa food court?

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Yeah, I think it is a tall order. Bakeries close early. She might be better off going to Marie Callender’s on National or a grocery store.

My go to crowd pleaser is a big bowl of Banana Pudding from Magnolia Bakery on 3rd. She’s actually in that area presently, but they require a day notice.

Anyway, this thread could be useful to others in the future. Feel free to add your faves!

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Hansen’s cakes on Fairfax. Website says they close at 6 of Saturdays, so could still be tight, depending on when they are leaving. Call to confirm, but they always have some ready-made cakes for walk ins. One of our favorite cakes in the city. (My wife regularly goes in for a spur of the moment cake, and when they reflexively pick up the pastry tube and ask who it is for so they can personalize it, she says “Me!!!” Can’t tell you the number of cakes we have had that simply say “Mine!!!” on top.)

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What about Fiona on Fairfax?


Angel Maid Bakery
4542 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066


I might be too late, but Zooies cookies on National in Cheviot Hills.

In a gas station. I haven’t been to the store but I’ve had the cookies several times and they are excellent. Got written up in the LA Times a couple months ago.

Website says they’re open until 9:00 but I’d call to be sure they still have a good selection of cookies available.


Good choice, but a little too far north. The hubby is already getting cranky about stopping anywhere. :roll_eyes:

This could work!

Not in time for the OP, and not a bakery, but Letterpress Chocolate on Robertson would be my pick on that route.

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