A Chef-Driven, Neighborhood Pastrami Stand - Johnny's West Adams (+ Impromptu Pastrami Battle! Langer's vs. Johnny's vs. Brent's Deli vs. Ugly Drum) [Thoughts + Pics]



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Now THAT’s a connoisseur of the highest order. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I mean putting Ketchup on fine charcuteríe like hot dogs makes About as much sense :+1::upside_down_face:


Wifey had never been with me on a Langer’s excursion. Both times she was out of town. Today I suggested it, assuring her it’s the best pastrami sandwich she’s had. Yes, she lived in NYC so this was a bold statement on my part. So we got two sandwiches to split.

This is what old school Jewish delis call a sky high pastrami. Yep, wifey likes cole slaw on these types of sandwiches. She actually likes them both ways, but this isn’t a strange thing to her. Carolina folks put slaw on BBQ, the Jews put slaw on pastrami, corned beef and even turkey*.

She was totally impressed. As was I. Look it’s not my favorite, it’s just different. Like artichokes on a pizza, I like them, but I still prefer pepperoni. But this sandwich was completely delicious!


This sandwich is just on another level. I’ve eaten in delis, raised on them, all over various east coast jewish hoods. This is hands-down the greatest pastrami sandwich I’ve EVER had.

My wife: “yeah, this blows away Katz’s and Brent’s.” She not only preferred the bread, but thought the pastrami was better too.

Btw, last time I complained to you all how does a place not salt French fries?

Well secondly, how does a jewish deli NOT have black and white cookies?

I need to have a sit down with Norm.

*this is my culture. Don’t even THINK about going there, naysayers (I know who you are!)


they really don’t do jewish bakery items there… it’s pretty much all about the pastrami (although the chopped liver is decent too)



They don’t use mayo do they? Hard to believe but I’ve seen that a lot out here.

THANK YOU. I like to consider myself an honorary Jew (for no reason other than being born in Maimonides in Brooklyn), and I really like the #19. I feel validated. :slight_smile:


Not that I could tell, although it’s fairly smooth in consistency---- I prefer mine to be chunkier. It tastes good on their rye

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Welcome to the tribe!!! :heart:

My mom had a really old kitchenaid stand mixer (like from the 60s) that had a grinder attachment. She ground it coarse.

I think these places use food processors. Yeah, I don’t like it fine and smooth either.

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We had coleslaw on almost all of our sandwiches growing up. Along with ketchup mixed with mayonnaise aka thousand island dressing. #19 is a great sandwich.

I think I like Langer’s pastrami so much because it reminds me much more of corned beef than the peppery pastrami I had growing up.


I was standing next to a waiter at Langer’s as he took a phone order – the customer ordered pastrami on rye with mayo, and the waiter didn’t even flinch. After he got off the phone I gave him a look of disbelief, and he just shrugged.


What happened to this person?

AFAIK, no one knows what happened to Servorg. He never made the leap to FTC.

Still biking around town i assume. One of my favorite posters in the CH days. He quit before the mass exodus. I assume he hasn’t found us (does anyone know him off board?) or maybe he knows we’re here and doesn’t want to do food talk anymore

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I blame @moonboy403


It’s all ball bearings.

If anyone knew him, they kept it to themselves. We tried “hard” (there wasn’t much trying to be done since he didn’t leave much to track) to find him when we made the transition.