A few days of culinary delights in SF

While I wasn’t able to manage a nice sit down Italian dinner in SF, I did have several thoroughly cravable dishes and experiences…Thank God Yuet Lee is still in business…I had my favorite Chinese dish, roast pork chow fun…absolute perfection! plentiful pork and not one bite of gristle or overly fatty meat…and the noodles…damn, here in LA I was told by the expert on all things Chinese cuisine, that the Vietnamese had taken over the noodle industry and they prefer a more narrow noodle…As a result, sitting down in front of this plate was pure Heaven…unfortunately, the salt & pepper squid was a bit too crunchy…the best squid ever was made at Kirin, out on Geary near 25th ave…it was called “dry, fried squid” and it was always the perfect consistency, a bit of crunch and a nice chewiness…alas, they’ve been closed for years, replaced by an Indian restaurant. The other unforgettable time at an old favorite was a cappuccino and a pastry at Cafe Trieste…When I lived in Sf in the 80s, I spent a great deal of time there, listening to the fascinating conversations while I pretended to write…nothing’s changed other than the outdoor tables that flourished bc of The Virus! And lastly, a perfect sausage pie made by Tony Gemignani at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana…Cant wait to get back up there!


Having your pie made by the boss seems like a good idea there. Which variation?

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Tony knows I keep it simple…in this case a coal fired sausage pizza!