A good food day

breakfast at verve DTLA. they have a beautiful new Gesha coffee from panama. It is exquisitely floral and blueberry jammy. Gesha is the best coffee, no question.

lunch at rajdhani in artesia. i don’t love gujarati food but this is a great restaurant. all you can eat thalis with lots of variety. nice outdoor patio. indian folks.

dinner at marouch. the food was pretty good. i was still full from rajdhani.


what was your breakfast besides coffee ???

I just drink coffee for breakfast. If it’s good coffee it tastes satisfying and it has no calories so I can eat more good stuff for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is such a waste of calories.

my fucking bad.

when you said breakfast, I thought that included coffee plus something else.

you went to Little India on Diwali? Awesome.

oh i had no idea. maybe that explains why there were so many kids at the restaurant. i wondered why they weren’t in school.

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So they weren’t exactly painting the town read out there, eh?