A hotel offer (hope this is allowed)


I’m wondering if this is a good deal (free parking!) and if it would be a decent starting point to food explore. I know zero about LA proper.

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Looks like a good location! Go by the Biltmore if you go, for tea or a meal or drink.

Some walking might be uphill - towards Disney Hall. If you do take a cab or uber, a ride to any place downtown would be very short.

I don’t know how safe it would feel to walk around, but I think that area, around Seven Grand, is very busy at night, with folks walking about. Pathetically, horrible traffic generally keeps us from DTLA at night.

If I remember correctly the immediate area is kind of dead at night. It’s about 15 minutes downhill to the near edge of the busy DTLA restaurant / bar zone (Grand Central, Centeno places). Angel’s Flight is on the way to GC.

I think this is right around the area where they are doing 24 hour construction. I got a deal and stayed at the Standard which is a block away. There was constant construction right next to our window. They told us the construction would stop at 8pm, but they lied. Anyway, it was still worth it for us. The construction noises after 8pm were not so bad. You may want to call the hotel to inquire. :slight_smile:

Familiar with this area. It is quite safe (but not very active) at night. For now, the Metro tunnel construction occurs mostly daytime. You’ll benefit from having a car in this part of DTLA. Walking is possible, but there are some shleps (8+ city blocks) by foot if you wanna hit Little Tokyo or the area by Staples Center/Grammy Museum/L.A. Live.

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Depending on the day and time, might be cheaper to use Lyft than pay for parking. And sometimes the traffic’s so bad it’s faster to walk.

'Course that place has free parking with this offer.

The Bonaventure is just gross.

No one stays there unless you’re forced to. #FlightAttendantsOnLayover

Now THAT’S what I’m looking for!

Is there an area that’s conducive to good food and easy transpo?

Do you have any recommendations for another place to see?

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Freehand, Tuck and NoMad

And if you want to go corporate, JW Marriott, Intercontinental or Ritz Carlton

So is $160/nt with free parking a good deal?


Living in LA, I don’t really stay in hotels.

I give recommendations to clients and/or guests who are visiting, but rarely, if ever, do I get involved in price considerations.

Have you thought about Airbnb. I would do that. Nice house. Private.

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Yes. Parking will run 25-50/night alone. Parking is also an issue depending on where you are going, e.g. $8 to park somewhere on the other side of downtown


Lots of cool places to stay in

Tipi in Malibu with a ocean view?

Quiet hillside cottage in Silver Lake??

Boho decorated guesthouse in Venice?

Los Feliz apartment with a balcony view of the Griffith Observatory?

Mansion guesthouse in Larchmont or Hancock?

Treehouse in Laurel Canyon?

I love airbnb! And frequently comes with parking. The whole driving/parking/traffic is what keeps us away. As another post talked about, public transpo can be tough.

If most of what you are doing is in Downtown to Hollywood, it is pretty accessible. If you want to go further out the bus on Wilshire and Sunset takes you through a lot of areas and areas of interest.

Throw in Santa Monica and Venice too via Expo Line and the 33 Bus(I think?) in Venice Blvd.

That is SO helpful! It seems that LA takes quite a bit more planning than, say, NY, SEA, etc. I grew up in Atlanta and it also is quite sprawling so not a lot of successful street wandering.

$160/night including parking is what most of the most basic motels in Hollywood go for, the 2 star and 1 star motels. So, in terms of price, it’s a good rate.

But that area is super quiet/dead at night, so you’ll be using that car or walking uphill a lot.

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