A killer cooking spoon


Years ago, my mom sent me a box of cookware to start my new life in LA. I know she got most of it at thrift shops. Well, one of those items has stayed a favorite and it always by my stove. It’s an 8" flat bottomed spoon. Fits in my hand perfectly, scrapes the bottom of a pot while cooking – perfectly. Sturdy and does not overheat.

After having a friend who cooked with it rave about it as much as I do, I decided to try and find out more about it. To my surprise, it’s made right here in Los Angeles! (I did find spoons that kind of look like my spoon, called gumbo spoons, but the Richcraft one looks exactly like my spoon.)

So now I have to decide if I want to drive to the factory or, do it by mail order. Either way, I’m thrilled for the option to buy more. And figured I’d share the info - it’s a perfect cooking gift, hostess gift. And not too pricey either!


I don’t see flat bottoms in that photo. The front of the spoons are cut off straight.

I got a similar slotted spoon at a restaurant supply store. I’ve never used the straight front edge for anything.

If I’m cooking something that needs scraping, I use a wooden spatula aka turner.


Robert - you are correct in that is a straight, slanted cut. But when you use it in a pot, the spoon lines up perfectly with the bottom of the pot.

And heck their website called it flat end so, so do I.:wink:

I have many flat wooden spatulas and use them heaps. Love them for jam making and stirring.

But sometimes I just want that spoon.

(Oh and I do have a larger version of the spoon, slotted, that I picked up at a thrift shop. Thought I would adore it as I love the other one so but… Nope. Just don’t use it. Maybe it’s too big for what I do everyday. The 8" size just make me happy.)

I use what you use, robert. Make omelets with it also. I have rounded wooden spoons but like the flat edge better.

This is what I think of as a flat-bottomed spoon.

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I think that’s an absinthe spoon.

It’s stunning! Where did you get it?

The absinthe spoons I’ve seen and used have decorative holes to allow the louche to drip through.
Haven’t seen one quite like that.

Oh wow - that is COOL!

And am I horrible that all this talk of flat bottomed spoons makes me think of Queen?


Just so long as it doesn’t make you think of Too $hort.


Just the revised title “Flat Bottomed Girls” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That’s a sauce spoon i believe - to get that last bit of sauce off the plate

I think I’ve seen these at surfas!