A New Wave - Guerrilla Tacos

FYI - Guerrilla Tacos is no longer at Smorgasburg on Sundays. Rather, they’re back in front of Blue Bottle on Abbot Kinney in Venice–put aside 45 minutes to find parking! Parting was amicable, they just want to give some more love to the Westside before settling into their permanent digs in the Arts District next summer.

< plug > Check out my hashtag #TacoWESday (I usually hit them up on Wednesdays in Culver City, thus the hashtag) on Instagram for all my GT eats. < / plug > Few recent menu items…

Pocho Tacos: wild boar picadillo, pine nuts, aged cheddar, burnt tomato chile, cherry tomatoes, lemon cream, cilantro:

Soft Shell Shrimp Torta–it’s like a Mexican-American shrimp po’ boy!

Eggplant Taco, red pepper escabeche, fried cheese, dried figs, hazelnut, parsley. As @kevin might say, so fucking good!

(These last two are still available today and tomorrow. They also have a cauliflower taco and a roasted pumpkin taco, but beware that the salsa in the pumpkin taco is crazy spicy!)

Okay, one more… Bacon Sausage Burrito, sunchokes, Oaxacan cheese, burnt tomato chile, cilantro, fried egg:


Got a green bean and egg taco and a duck heart with bacon taco from Guerilla yesterday. Both were excellent but the green beans were a revelation – so bright and flavorful.

Usually to get green beans to look and taste like that, you have to keep them relatively crisp. But these were soft, almost like nopales. They melded perfectly with the scrambled egg.


Hi @Bigmouth,

Nice! Duck heart tacos?! Can’t wait to try this.

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Some of you may be interested in this.


Whoa, that may be the most adventurous one they have ever done haha

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Update 7:

(Reposting an excerpt from our recent Taco Journey):

One of the joys of Guerilla Tacos is to see what Chef Wes Avila might be offering on an ever-changing weekly basis. New Tacos, surprise Specials (not appearing on the website) are always fun to discover and usually are interesting enough to immediately order regardless of what you were thinking of ordering earlier. :wink:

Mushroom Quesadilla (Chile Morita, Oaxacan Cheese, Market Greens, Charred Serrano Chile):

Absolutely delicious! :slight_smile: The Mushrooms are so full of flavor, meaty, tender, and having that inherent crave-worthy earthiness. The melting Oaxacan Cheese is wonderful, but beware of his Charred Serrano Chile and Chile Morita Salsa: It is hot! :open_mouth: :smile: This was easily like Level 4 “Hot!” at Howlin’ Ray’s in some ways. Our mouths were burning for a good 15 minutes after eating. :sweat_smile:

Red Snapper Tostada (Raw Red Snapper, Tomatillo, Furikake, Cashews, Chile de Valle):

Chef Avila continues to impress. We’ve had many variations of his Tostada over the years, but this Red Snapper Tostada was even better: Clean, high-quality Red Snapper (meaty, bright), with an interesting blend of Chile de Valle (just a subtle touch), along with the popular and tasty Japanese seasoning blend of Furikake. It’s at once crunchy, tender, nutty and just delicious. :slight_smile:

Cauliflower Taco (Dates, Pistachios, Olives, Parsley, Arbol Chiles, Gooseberries):

This is a perfect example of what makes Chef Avila and Guerilla Tacos so interesting: His ability to elevate Vegetables into offerings that rival Meat Tacos: His Cauliflower Taco is outstanding: The blend of well-seasoned Cauliflower, Dates, Pistachios and Olives, gives this a bit of sweetness (but it never overpowers), some wonderful nuttiness, a little brininess from the Olives, and the Chile de Arbol Salsa just binds it all together.

Delicious! :blush:

Octopus Chorizo Taco (Macadamia Nuts, Burnt Tomatoes, Chives):

Perfectly cooked Octopus, tender (not rubbery), a bit of smoky-saltiness from the Chorizo and Burnt Tomatoes, and a bit of nutty crunch from the Macadamia Nuts. Excellent. :slight_smile:

Note: Guerilla Tacos has finally upgraded their Tortillas! They are now using a Non-GMO, Heirloom, Freshly-Made Tortillas, which really improves the overall taste. :slight_smile: (Note, he’s not making them in the truck, but it’s made locally fresh).

Cod Milt Tacos (Shirako Poached in Dashi, Okinawa Sweet Potatoes, Chile Morita, Scallions):

And then you get Specials (not listed on the website) like this: Fresh Shirako (Cod Milt) which Chef Avila poaches in a Homemade Dashi blend, and he puts this in a Taco(!). Really? :open_mouth:

Taking a bite: It is tender, creamy, luscious. Outstanding! :heart:

The Okinawa Sweet Potatoes, Scallions and judicious use of his Homemade Chile Morita Salsa perfectly supports the Cod Milt. Wow. Paging @bulavinaka @PorkyBelly @MaladyNelson and anyone else interested: Hopefully he still has it tomorrow, or if you ever see it on the menu, don’t miss out! :slight_smile:

Guerilla Tacos
(Check their Website for Updated Location and Times)


Holy frijole. Potato and mushroom taquitos from Guerrilla Tacos. The sauce is black bean and they’re fried to perfection. Just a heads up, though, it’s two to an order. Not that you’ll have any trouble finishing them – so good!


Taquitos are my favorite Mexican food. I’m so going on Monday.

Have they done taquitos before?

Those look SO good.

Hi @Bookwich,

Yah they have taquitos on the menu every once in a while. Delicious. :slight_smile:

Update 8:

Something phenomenal that was too good to wait to post about… :slight_smile:

It was too long since we last stopped by Guerilla Tacos, to see what Chef Wes Avila has been up to.

Salvadorean Horchata:

Chef Wes’ Aguas Frescas are really good, and for this week, he’s featuring a Salvadorean Horchata, made with Ground Morro Seeds, Fresh Cacao, and other Spices. It was nuttier, slightly earthier than standard Horchata, and so tasty! It’s not too sweet either, making it a wonderfully sippable, refreshing drink! :slight_smile:

Soft Shell Crab Taco (Chile Japonese, Cabbage Slaw, Pico de Gallo, Cilantro, Chipotle Crema):

This was excellent! Wonderfully lightly fried, slightly crunchy Soft Shell Crab, so fresh, with a subtle heat from the Chile Japonese and Pico de Gallo. The Cabbage Slaw was also a nice textural contrast. :slight_smile:

Wild Boar Taco (Raw Tomatillo Chile, Green Raja Chiles, Pinto Beans, Gooseberries, Herbs):

This was also very good, with a lightly gamy, meaty taste in each bite with the Wild Boar, the Raw Tomatillo Chile and Green Raja Chilies added a little more spice than the Soft Shell Crab Taco.

I love their new Non-GMO, Heritage Corn Tortillas they’ve switched to. It’s a substantial upgrade and really makes their Tacos sing even more. :slight_smile:

Those 3 above would’ve been great already, but it’s the next item that made me want to post ASAP…

Maine Lobster Quesadilla (Chile Morita, Oaxaca Cheese, Aged Cheddar, Chives):

I was salivating when I saw this come out. :smile: We folded it in half (like a NY Pizza :stuck_out_tongue:) and then cut it to split. Taking a bite…

Oh. My. Gosh!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

The Flour Tortilla is toasty, subtly fragrant, and it gives way to this burst of fresh Maine Lobster, perfectly cooked, which then melts with the creamy Oaxaca Cheese, and then you get a bit of pungent delicious fat with the Aged Cheddar. We finished our halves of the Lobster Quesadilla in seconds! It was SO GOOD! :heart:

@PorkyBelly @CiaoBob @J_L @Ns1 and all fans, try this! :blush:

I still can’t believe Chef Avila is cooking stuff like Maine Lobster, Spot Prawns, etc. in his tiny Taco Truck. He said he’ll have the Lobster Quesadilla for the rest of the week.

I can’t wait until Guerilla Tacos finally gets its brick and mortar, and we can see what Chef Avila can do with a full powered kitchen. :wink:

Guerilla Tacos
Check Website for latest Location & Hours:


Was this today? Goddamnit I was about to go but got lazy. I hate myself right now.

Prices on website. Quesadilla $15.

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I’ve been drooling over Instagram pictures of that quesadilla. Glad to hear that it tastes as good as it looks! I think I’m going tomorrow. Thanks, @Chowseeker1999! :heart:

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Hi @Ns1,

Yah today. :slight_smile: Totally worth it. So good! :slight_smile:

Nice @thechez5. :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy your Lobster Quesadilla!

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Sounds like a bang bang is in order, thanks @Chowseeker1999

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I await this day with the most extreme combination of excitement and dread lol. It will be great for precisely the reason you state but I will weep when I can no longer visit the truck on Wednesdays by Cognoscenti.


I hear you @Bigmouth. :slight_smile: At the same time, the increase in types of dishes, types of tacos, interesting preparations should be wonderful with Chef Wes having a full kitchen. :slight_smile:

Imagine if they can start making tortillas by hand as well, and have a beer & wine license… :slight_smile:


The quesadillas/tostadas are always great at Guerilla.

Haven’t had them since they were at Smorgs, and was disappointed in the tortilla quality/taste.

That horchata sounds great! If you ever go to Ricky’s and see Ricky there, he makes one of the best horchatas around at $1 for a small cup, homemade and doesn’t skimp.

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My GT experience today;

12:10 - arrive in Arts District
12:15 - I spot the truck (and the crowd) as I drive by it searching for parking
12:17 - Goddamn fucking shit, half the meters are taken by no parking M-F 6a-6p signs
12:20 - Goddamn fucking shit, these pay parking lots are $3/15 minutes with a $15 max
12:30 - Mental cost benefit analysis to determine if $24-$30 for 1 lobster quesadilla is worth it
12:35 - Begin pondering the terrible decisions in my life that have led to right here right now
12:45 - Cut my losses and run
12:57 - Park in front of Ricky’s Fish Tacos and park for goddamn mother fucking free
1:00 - Order from the man himself who I have not seen on the truck for some time
1:01 - 2 shrimp, 1 fish, horchata, $13.xx
1:02 - BYOVP - “bring your own vape pen”
1:05 -

I used to be a fish taco guy but shrimp tacos have been fire lately. Proportions seem better when Ricky is on the truck based on my sample size of 1.


This is exactly why I’m waiting until tomorrow to hit them up on beverly, less hamsters too.

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