A Tale of Two Lunches - Otium Opens: A Pictorial Essay

Isn’t that rounding up as opposed to down?

Minor quibble in the context of a restaurant not worth eating at to begin with I guess lol

@linus yah it seems like stealing. But I remember at least 1 other restaurant years ago in L.A. that did this “rounding down” or “rounding up” thing (so that they wouldn’t have to carry coins in the register). I don’t think that restaurant lasted until now.

Why not just charge straight dollar prices then?

Taxes, man. Taxes.

I was owed $21.41 in change. They just gave me back $21.

This may be shocking to conceptualize, but you can actually include the tax in the price. I’ve actually been to real places that do it!

I know, right? Tell that to the people running the joint.

It really should be illegal not to.

Oysters with mignonette and horseradish isn’t a bad combination. It’s just decidedly worse than oysters alone.

how is that not stealing?


yeah. California law requires businesses to pay tax but not to collect it from customers. this would be easier for everyone involved. But businesses want to advertise low prices.

The fucking craziest thing about it is that when you go buy $1 tacos, they roll it into that insanely low price. But when you go buy a $30++ pork chop, you get the tax tacked on…

Because legally their prices are subject to change at any time.

Exactly why I asked the server to give me my change which they owed me…

How can you have a restaurant website and not post a fucking menu.

I think the question is more: How can you have a restaurant video trailer and not post a fucking menu???

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