A Trompo Worthy of Al Pastor

We were wandering through a carnival on MLK between Western & Normandie, when we noticed out of the corner of our eyes, a flaming trompo in the parking lot of a car wash at MLK & Hobart. We’d notice this place over the last few weeks. Since we hadn’t found the corndog cart we were looking for, we wandered over

Their asada & pollo are serviceable, but what’s great here is the al pastor. While I’ve had better at Leo’s, I’ve also had much worse. The taquero really knows how to work the trompo, turning the marinated pork to help it form an nice even crust. His knife work is excellent. Instead of uneven chunks of meat, he’s able cut thin even slices giving maximum crust per bite. The meat is juicy & flavorful & it’s topped with just a perfect amount of piña. Also the al pastor in a mulita was very tasty & the salsas are good.

They said they’re there 7 days a week. It’s a bare bones operation. There’s no agua frescas, just water, Coke and Sprite. If you’re into al pastor, it’s worth the trek.