A2 milk soft serve - Reborn Coffee (Brea)

Great soft serve. $3 gets you a nice waffle cone and a reasonable portion of the soft serve (i.e. - its smaller than most places). The soft serve is firmer/denser and tastes more like vanilla than milk. The cones are delicious, not sweet with a nice chew/crispness.

My stomach hasn’t gone into convulsions after eating the A2 soft serve like other ice creams and especially milk shakes.


How was the coffee? I was thinking the other day how strange it was for La Floresta not to have a fancy coffee shop given the other shops in there.

The Early Bird guys were supposed to open a roaster and coffee shop in La Floresta but the deal never went through. I was very excited about this because I really enjoy the single origin coffee at Early Bird.

Reborn coffee is good with some caveats. They specialize in cold brew. They have 4 different types on tap. All 4 are well sourced and different tastes which you can try. The cold brew is strong. I haven’t had any hot coffee but it seems like most people are having pour over. Everytime I’ve been to Reborn it’s been pretty busy.

Are you guys disappointed with the quality of food at La Floresta as much as I am?

Hopefully this Reborn place has hope.

Yes but I knew what restaurants were going in and was underwhelmed. Mendocino is good. Whole foods is good. Nothing else in that plaza really does anything for me. I much prefer Tender Greens or Sweetgreen to Urban Plates. Capital Noodle is ok once on a while if w don’t want to drive. The best is to go during happy hour for the 3-4-5 deal where all the dim sum items are marked down. J Fat is an overpriced mediocre American style grill. There are still 3-4 empty store fronts which I hope become better restaurants.

I was hoping reborn was their place and they were making an early bird/phoenix pun.

In that 99% of the coffee I drink is cold brew, this place sounds up my alley.

I like Slapfish as well. 3 worthwhile places in a shopping center with others that are not horrible is probably the best we could have hoped for in that location. If you add above average cold brew I would say the place exceeded my expectations even if I dont love it overall.

Not really considering it’s in Brea. We’ll see what happens in Yorba Linda Town Center. I like Mendocino and Capital Noodle; and J-Fat, while not great, has a decent burger, and it’s not a bad option for a business lunch when I’m in the area. Plus they let me camp out and work at the bar in the afternoon sometimes.

Love your imagination. I guess based on where we are getting Slapfish, Mendocino, Whole Foods and Capital isn’t all that bad.

A Baja Fish Tacos is moving into the plaza where Olive Pit is. I love that place for lunch - much better than Baja Fresh and Chipotle.

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I should clarify my statement here. I’m disappointed, but not surprised. It’s not the easiest location for anyone not living in the area (not near downtown or the freeway).

The lineup so far at Yorba Linda Town Center isn’t looking very promising, either.

That will be a nice addition for that center. I am a fan of Olive Pit, aside from my complaint that they only give you three quarters of a pita with your order. Petty, I know, but so is not giving the customer that fourth quarter.

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Don’t get me started. The extra cost for pita is one of those things that drives me crazy. My kids hog all the pita. But the guys at Olive Pit are very good about accepting expired coupons so I think we’re about even after both transactions.

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I love that Olive Pit’s kid menu is a smaller portion of the regular menu instead of something dumbed down.


Yes, all the Patina restaurants offer half-sized meals at half-price for children. No “kids menu”. I love when restaurants help you feed your children properly. To me, it’s a sign that a chef takes their food seriously.


The Baja Fish Tacos is actually going to be in the plaza across the street. I think its going into the old Burger King. Either way doesn’t look imminent as I don’t see signage but the Brea location is listed on the website.

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Went for coffee and was impressed. 4 different cold brews on tap plus a tap of nitro. They were really helpful about letting me try the various brews before deciding.

The Guatamalan was a winner for sure, kind of chocolatey with great flavor.

I’m not a cold brew expert but thought it was very good.

Black sesame soft serve. Very subtle sesame flavor. Not as good as the place inside Mitsuwa.