Abhiruchi Grill

Taj Tandoori has been replaced by Abhiruchi Grill. According to a Yelp review, it’s a sister restaurant to Annapurna, the vegetarian place farther down Venice. Looks promising. Anyone tried it yet?


UPDATE: I decided to take one for the team and give them a try. Ordered the Paneer Manchurian (deep-fried cheese cubes in sweet-and-sour sauce) and Chicken Kothu Paratha (egg, chicken, and veggies with paratha cut into strips like noodles). Both were quite tasty, though I’m not sure the chicken in the Kothu Paratha was worth an extra $2. I’d probably get the egg or veggie version next time and order some Chicken 65 separately.


The restaurant itself has been remodeled since its Taj Tandoori days. It’s now cleaner and more spacious with plenty of seating. The place was pretty empty on a Sunday at noon, but they appeared to be doing a fairly brisk takeout business. I’ll definitely be back to try some of the other dishes.

Another outstanding meal at Abhiruchi Grill. The kodi vepudu was a revelation. Chunks of dark meat chicken stir fried with a thick curry paste studded with spices and cashews. SO GOOD.

I liked Taj Tandoori, but this place is on another level.

Nice this is really close to me so I’ll have to check it out. Went to Taj Tandoori twice and enjoyed it, though didn’t think it was the greatest or anything. Heard good things about the replacement though, and this affirms it

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This is probably the best lunch special on the westside right now. For 10.99 I had a garlicky pea soup to start before the thali tray came out. It included rice, chicken 65 (spicy fried chicken) great dal, crispy naan and an excellent butter chicken. Also a bit of cardamom rice pudding.

Talked to one of the guys in the kitchen and he said it was Tamil cooking. Not something I’m too familiar with… but I think I’m going to be. The lunch specials change daily and are set up as non-veg for 10.99 and veg for 9.99. They’re starting a lunch buffet Fri/Sat/Sun.

Can’t wait to go back and dig deeper on this menu.


Telling y’all, this place is bomb dot com. Lunch specials menus:




I went for lunch today, I didn’t realize it was In the same lot as my favorite middle eastern grocer.

The space is very nice, lots of wood and clean lines.
I got the vegetarian lunch special ($10) and it was a lot of food; mine included Chana masala, “chilly” baby corn, and came with a green soup at beginning, dal, rice, naan, and a round powdery dessert ball. I thought it was very good, flavorful, but not overpowering, and everything was freshly made.


I also ordered a buttermilk to go, and it was exactly how I like it, salty with minimal spice.

This place is a great deal for lunch.