Akagai/Blood Clams sighting at Eataly

@jperelmuter sourced from MA at Flatiron location.

Also in the produce section - Dutch white asparagus, morels and porcinis

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That morel price has seemed about the going rate the last few years. Those look nice. Hopefully when wl get home we’ll have some in our markets. Off, topic, but a few years ago I actually had some leftover and,I don’t remember, if we were going away or what. I froze them and they cooked up fine. But, man, did they exude liquid as they thawed!

Nice! Looks like you bought some. How did you prepare them and how were they?

These are a related but distinct species from the Asian ones served in Japan. There is also a species of blood clam found along the west coast of Mexico. According to a friend who has tried all 3, there are discernible flavor differences.

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I was planning to prepare them as sashimi, but alas they were too small size wise. Just ended up parboiling them and serving with sambal - they were good if you enjoy blood clams.

I think this variety from Massachusetts are closer in relation to the Japanese variety, the shell is more arched compared to the ones from Baja.

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Too small? Sounds like a challenge to me! Hopefully they’ll still have 'em towards the end of next week.

Because I’m sure everyone wants to know the scientific names:

Akagai (Japanese ark shell clams) are Anadara broughtonii
Blood arks from Mass. are Anadara ovalis
And Mexican blood clams (or less glamorously “pustulose arks”) are Anadara tuberculosa

I couldn’t find any phylogenetic information (i.e. which are more closely related). Sure would be fun to do a side-by-side taste test of all three!

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Cool, thanks for the scientific names.

I think the ones used in sushi bars are likely the size of a fist vs these palm sized offerings. Just not enough real estate to cover a regular sized shari.

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I’d treat as shinko; many little clams for 1 nigiri.

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