Alameda Supper Club

Any reports?

small number of non-business photos:

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I had a very enjoyable dinner there last week. The oysters with a celtuce mignonette were refreshing and delicious, albeit only 3 oysters for $15. The lamb belly with a salsa verde ($38) was excellent and good-sized portion, though served a la carte. The service was quite good as well. I skipped dessert there in favor of getting some things to go for laterfrom the adjacent Marketplace, which had all sorts of more interesting (and tasty) items available. The breads smell wonderful, by the way.


I thought it was pretty good as well. Exceeded my low expectations, $120 pp all in with tax and service, but that is to be blamed on my 3 glasses of wine.

The menu is small and tight. One of those menus that I looked at for 20 minutes and still wasn’t sure what to order as nothing was immediately appealing for my mood that night. All the pastas were cheese or seafood based. Entree options included two fish dishes, one lamb belly, or one $90 ribeye. Didn’t get an entree. Definitely look at the menu online before committing. You probably want to get a portion of pasta, entree, and vegetable here optimally…

Pretty good wines available by the glass as well, with really great THIN and handblown wine glasses. Service was good, though they stuck us outside at a communal table even though we had made a resie inside.

Oysters (tasty but expensive at $15 for 3)

Bread (reallllly good, worth the $6)

Endive Salad - DecentI liked the rye croutons, bright acidic dressing.

Charcuturie: Nothing special, literally only ordered this due to lack of entree

Ricotti ravioli with peas: very nice, seasoning on the low side to let you taste the peas

Also pictured were some brocolini with nduja. Brocolini was good, ndjua not so much.

Crab spaghetti - just as good as the ravioli, I only had one bite from my dining companion, but nice chew to this


Heading here tonight, will report back.

Just saw on IG they had a media dinner with usual LA food bloggers… :thinking: makes you wonder how things are going…

Prime time reservations on weekends have been wide open.

Food wasn’t bad at all, just not terribly memorable.

Only 22 reviews on yelp. Time to fire up the death clock.

I’m sure manufactory can sustain it for a while, but when pr has to invite bloggers for pr meal, it’s not a good sign for current concept.

I actually loved that endive salad. Perfectly paired too.

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That’s not necessarily true. Wally’s does “industry” nights every once in a while.

Of course, but industry night is not the same as blogger/influencer dinners.