Alexander’s Steakhouse Pasadena Turns Butcher Shop

Del Frisco’s says stop insulting people with those prices

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Alexander’s prices are very high to say the least.
8 oz filet
Alexanders - $43
Del Frisco - $18

Ribeye Chop
Alexanders - $55 (20 ounces)
Del Frisco - $34 (22 ounces)

Dry Aged Strips
Alexanders - $59 (20 ounces but bone in)
Del Frisco - $33 (16 ounces)

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Yeah seems like they are charging dine-in prices for raw meat :face_with_monocle:

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pretty much

Very high. I agree, but to compare to Del Frisco.

Oh, I’m sure it’s the same grading :wink:.

And why is margarine on the sale list at Del Frisco? :face_vomiting:

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It would actually be cool if they sold margarine made the original way.

Contrary to today’s margarine, which is basically crisco with a higher water content, margarine was originally made by rendering beef suet (or whatever other animal fat of choice) and slowly emulsifying it with buttermilk.

That actually sounds quite good. And would be something a full-cow butcher would be able to produce and sell for cheap. Sounds like a good way to use otherwise hard to utilize scraps.

From looking at the context of their grocery list, I don’t get the feeling theirs is homemade though.


Wut. I am so interested in this. Is there anybody that does this or a good source describing how?


Here is a YouTube video describing the history and process, Doesn’t answer your query, but interesting.


Here’s a neat article with good info as well. The meat-free clarified brown butter + buttermilk recipe sounds great, and would be especially handy for the non-meat eaters


Anyone want to wager this is NOT the margarine being offered at Del Friscos?