All Hail....Mos 2, A Central OC Meal of The People

Mos 2. I love the name and I have no idea what it means.

And if you spent time in Santa Ana, Anaheim, and the surrounding cities you heard of this place and hopefully you had it.

I say Central OC, because I don’t think North and especially South OC don’t fuk with this.

Majority of the customers are high school/college students, and blue collar workers.

“But it’s just teriyaki!”

No it’s more than that…it’s the char, sweet teriyaki, Tapatio, the rice that absorbs the teriyaki and Tapatio, the cool salad, the chicken and the beef (pros get both), and the horchata. Always horchata.

Number 4 and Large Horchata…always and forever

You are so beautiful to me

2 joints in Santana and 2 in Anacrime.

Bang it up with a bowl of pho in Little Saigon and TK Burger-Huntington Beach Bonfire for dat OC experience


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