All'Antico Vinaio at Mozza2Go

Private account. How long did he wait in line?

Ah too bad. I’m not sure maybe 30 min?

Got there at 10:40 today, line was about 80 people deep, was out of there with my sandwiches at 12:00 on the dot. 2 sandwich limit per person. The bread is wonderful.



How long did you wait for your sandwich?

It wasn’t clear enough?

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Oh totally misread that I thought they were out of sandwiches at 12.

Thanks for the clarification. Was going to try to go tomorrow but sounds like a non-starter in terms of wait for me.

I went Tuesday. Showed up at 10:20 and was sixth in line. By 10:30 the line had grown to 40+ and by 11 the line wrapped onto Highland nearing the Pizzeria doors.

Tommaso was super cool, animated, happy and laughing. He took videos for Insta Stories and his whole team enjoyed putting on a show.

You order inside Mozza2Go but everything is prepared behind the bar/counter of Chi Spacca and they open the dining room for you to watch and enjoy your food.

Fresh bread is brought out to cheers and the ends are handed to patient diners by Tommaso himself.

As for the sandwiches, I ordered L’INFERNO and LA FAVOLOSA (the best, the BEST, THE BEST!) The Finocchiona reminded me of this hot coppa my grandma loved to buy from her favorite deli. Total nostalgia trip.

If anyone is on the fence but think they have the time GO!!! So worth it.


Thanks for the post!

Do they serve the sandwiches all day? Or is it just lunch time?

They serve sandwiches from 11-3 (or until they sell out).

emphasis on or until they sell out

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I got there at 2:30 yesterday and they said they ran out of the bread at 2pm… oh well going to dinner at chi spacca tonight

10:00am: I’m 6th in line
10:08am: they start putting up the stanchions and hand out menus
10:10am: my plan to order ooe is foiled when they announce a two sandwich per person limit.
10:11-10:59am: I try and decide what to order.
11:00am: doors open
11:07am: order placed
11:19am: porchetta enters the mouth
12:00pm: line wraps around the corner and reaches pizzeria mozza.

It was a fun environment with the guys entertaining the crowds and van roth and motley crue playing on the speakers.

The sandwiches were delicious. They use a thin, hard, crispy, crunchy focaccia that holds up until you finish the last bite. The porchetta in the l’inferno was my favorite and one of the best I’ve ever had. It was cut thin and was silky smooth, moist and fatty. @Chowseeker1999

The only negative was the “10% service charge” bullshit which I didn’t see mentioned anywhere and on top of that you’re expected to tip one of their suggested tips of 23%, 20%, and 18%. And if that wasn’t enough of a kick in the bomboloni there’s also a tip jar on the counter where they make the sandwiches. It’s like an additional tip line for the additional tip line. @thecookie.



l’inferno - house-made porchetta, n’duja cream, zucchini, spicy eggplant
uni for scale

la summer - prosciutto toscano, fior di latte, pomodoro, basil, oil & balsamic
caprese in a sandwich


And a sneaky little piece of uni pops up. :joy:


I wish I could like that post twice.


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Thanks for the report back. :slight_smile: Sounds wonderful, too bad it was only a pop-up and they’ll be gone. That set of service charges / tips sounds ridiculous. And I’m guessing you had to take it To Go and eat it outside / wherever?

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I happened to be lucky enough to be in Florence for a night this Summer and stopped in there for the one with artichoke cream. My reaction to it then was the bread was great, but the sandwich would have benefitted from a hit of acid. Pretty cool that Nancy got them to come over here.


OMG i totally missed that!


Only elites have Uni on hand for moments like these…


Two sandwiches and a glass of wine = 53.37

Totally didn’t notice the service charge and tipped 20%. Which in the end I’m cool with, 30% for that experience being made available.

The tip jar had me thinking about tipping out of obligation to visual cues but I didn’t feel like doing it in front of everyone watching them construct sandwiches.

I respect the cost and challenge of planning/pulling off events like this, also my chance at being able to attend, but make payment simple. I feel like we’ve come far enough that if in the end you want us to pay $20 per sandwich price it that way.

Really everyone should copy pasjoli


the chi spacca dining room was open so you can eat there if you wanted to.


I know. it’s tight.

I didn’t know anything about it either but happy to see it and the action photos!! Thanks @PorkyBelly!

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