Amazing Godiva soft serve ice cream

Was aimlessly walking in the mall when I saw several people with soft serve cones from Godiva.

$6 for a cone or cup.
Dark chocolate, vanilla or swirl.
Waffle cone was pretty good.

One of the best soft serve ice cream I’ve had in long time. It’s like McDonald’s but with a firmer texture and deeper richer flavor. Not as sweet. Almost custard like in mouth feel. Would highly recommend.


Where? All Godiva stores?

Brea Mall.

The website says these locations also have soft serve.
South Coast
Santa Ana
Manhattan Beach
Century City
Beverly Center
Topanga Plaza


Damn Godiva used to make amazing French vanilla ice cream back in the day. I have always walked by and saw the soft serve. I think I will try it now that you posted. Thanks for the intel.

Still amazing.

They have a card - buy 6 get 1 free. I’ll be going to the mall much more often.