An Com - Homestyle Vietnamese

An Com is a pop-up from former rustic canyon sous chef Nguyen Bui. He opened a couple months ago and is doing some legit and delicious vietnamese comfort food on the westside. You can really taste the quality of the ingredients and care he puts into his food. Looking forward to trying more of his food and hope he brings back the caramel braised catfish.
Orders are taken every sunday at noon for pickup in sawtelle later in the week.

ga ro-ti - five-spiced roasted half chicken, tomato, country rhodes’s cucumbers
perfectly cooked, meat was tender and flavorful throughout, loved the soy glaze on the skin.

thit kho - caramel braised pork belly, quail eggs, pickled mustard greens
@Ns1, i thought there was a perfect balance of meat, fat and skin in this, really good. i wouldn’t have minded if this had some more funk and fish sauce.

ca tim nuong - marinated charred kong’s eggplant, scallion oil
this was so good, the smokiness and umami from the fish sauce was great. (this can also be made vegetarian using tepache as a vegetarian fish sauce). @TheCookie, @attran99, @hanhgry, @Chowseeker1999, @NYCtoLA, @butteredwaffles

canh chua chay - sour soup with tamarind, pineapple, elephant ear stalk, fried meiji tofu
another highlight, so flavorful with a great balance of sweet and sour. pour over some rice and enjoy. @JeetKuneBao, @noddles, @paranoidgarliclover

pastelito - banana jam, cream cheese, coconut caramel

com ga - poached chicken, burnt star anise rice, young ginger fish sauce
i did not love the chicken, it could have been juicier. i preferred the ga roti (pictured above) a lot more.
if not for the posted menu, i would have thought the rice was regular old plain rice, i did not get any burnt, or star anise flavor. the young ginger fish sauce could have been more gingery and fish sauce-y, it just tasted sweet. i’ll try to BYORB(Red Boat) to see if that helps.

and on a related note, i really dislike when poultry is chopped up with the bone. it creates bone shrapnel everywhere and it’s like playing chicken bone russian roulette every time you take a bite. feel free to revoke my asian card.

thit kho - caramel braised pork belly, quail eggs
just like before, this was good, wish there was some more funk from the sauce. I thought there was a good balance of meat and fat.

ca tim nuong - marinated charred kong’s eggplant with scallion oil, fermented pineapple
can I keep my carnivore membership card if I thought the highlights were the two vegetarian dishes? this was just as good as before, the eggplant had an incredible smokiness but didn’t overwhelm the palate, it was also pillow-y soft and was perfect to soak up all the umaminess from the sauce. chef nyuyen has really perfected his vegan fish sauce made from fermented pineapple that i didn’t even mind that this was completely vegan.

canh chua chay - sour soup with tamarind, pineapple, tomato, and kong’s squash greens
highlight and again just as good as before. great balance of sweet and sour and tastes great cold during this oppression.

banh cam trung muoi - rice flour doughnuts, sesame, salted egg yolk, mung bean
wow these were great. the outside had a thin shell of caramel that created a sweet crispy crunch and the dough had a great chew like a mochi. wish i ordered more. @Chowseeker1999


That looks great!

I hope Vietnamese homestyle becomes more popular!

Would be great if they do braised caramelized catfish and some Ong Choy. With the Canh Chua that is like the classic trio



I’m so curious how this would work. The only tepache I’ve tried was extremely sour like a drinking vinegar but obviously there are a bazillion different ways of fermenting.

I haven’t made any recipes from The Noma Guide to Fermentation yet but I appreciated an interview with one of the authors (can’t remember if it was Zilber or Redzepi) where they spoke to the idea of reducing meat but retaining savoriness. Not a new idea by any means, but I appreciate how the Noma book broke down how one could attain it methodically and (relatively) cheaply.

I ordered the first week Chef Bui started service, and felt that his takes on Vietnamese are much in line with what I grew up eating. The thit kho broth poured all over my rice was my favorite part of thit kho growing up. Using quail eggs is a modern spin on the dish.
And I keep missing the weekend releases so I haven’t been able to order, again.


here’s what he wrote on ig:

To make our vegetarian “fish sauce” we reduced tepache (made with fermented leftover scraps from Canh Chua’s pineapples) Finished with chili and meyer lemon juice to balance and flavor the sauce. And of course scallion oil bc … Vietnamese food. If we produced more tepache we would make this dish exclusively vegetarian


I can’t find an address.

That IG entry was what intrigued me! The two tepaches I’ve tried were much more piquant than savory so I’m curious how they developed something they felt was suitable to sub in for fish sauce. It’s made from pineapple so that much is traditional… I wonder if the ferment is also traditional and if so, how it comes off more like fish sauce than vinegar.

Either way I wants it.

Nice. A lot of vegetarians say certain foods (Vietnamese/Thai) are not exciting to them anymore because fish sauce is really missed. Problem solved?

He’ll text you an address when he confirms your order. You pick-up less than half a mile from sawtelle japantown.

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So cloak and dagger. East or west of Sawtelle? Just curious.

… or 2,600 ft. above? Or below? #letusnotforgettheZ-axis :slight_smile:

I’m intrigued by the canh chua-- it says “chay” which is Vietnamese for vegetarian but in the English description on the menu doesn’t say anything about it being vegetarian. Normally it’s made with chunks of fish and shrimp. And the eggplant dish looks exactly like what my mom makes.

I’d love to try An Com but it sells out so fast! I hate to be one of those people who says their mom’s version of [whatever dish] is the best, but I love, love, my mom’s canh chua and eggplant but this also looks really good.



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It’s made with tofu. Can’t comment on the vegetarian part because I’m not sure of the fish sauce situation.

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The menu that came with the meal does say it’s vegetarian.

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westbound and down.


So glad you got to enjoy some of these home style Vietnamese dishes we’ve talked about on other threads. Think it got too much demand that he can no longer cook the food—and deliver! :open_mouth:

I do know he’s working on few things that many here will be happy about. Don’t have his permission to share yet…but one clue is he makes a mean headcheese. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@hanhgry @attran99


Nice! Much closer to me than driving to Sawtelle. Looking forward to what dishes they’ll have!