An OMG bread experience

just go there and get some

what did you try here ???

did you try the cinnamon rolls that someone mentioned ???

I have got to get there if there are any seats to much on the premises.

and coffee or espresso drinks too ???

thanks. I should hit it up on the fucking double.

i took home one of their whole wheat loaves.
it was still warm from the oven.
i asked them to slice it for me and they sliced the warm bread BY HAND.

they do have seating.
they do serve coffee drinks
the cinnamon bun looked terrific and was huge.

ok, I will have to hit it up sometime early in the morning next week, hopefully they’re open by 7 am ???


Knew this would be Lodge before clicking on the title lol

Man there really isn’t much bread game in LA…

How would you compare them to Gjusta’s bread?

sorry, i can’t say
the trek to gjusta for bread is more than i’m willing to undertake.
(when i go to that area i’d rather just go to gjelina and sit down and have an array of their vegetable dishes)

they open at 7.

Oh, woops, sorry, just assumed you lived on the West Side cause of your username lol

Have you had bread anywhere else in Los Angeles that you would compare Lodge to? Clark Street at GCM perhaps? Or possibly the breads at Sqirl?

Just curious about a comparison, if any exists.

@bulavinaka has been to both Lodge and Gjusta (and Huckleberry/Milo and Olive) and might be able to give you a comparison (if he/she didn’t already write about that in @Jase’s quick review).

Yeh, they’ve never been to Gjusta. How would you compare Lodge? To Sqirl too? Are they destination worthy?

i don’t have a comparison, but here is BULAVINAKA’S comparison:

Thanks for mentioning Lodge Bread. I went there with family in tow not too long after reading your post. I knew nothing about them and never expected a bakery specializing in bread in that stretch of businesses on Washington.

We ordered the whole wheat toast w/ avocado and radishes, brioche w/ butter and mulberry preserves, the country bread w/cashew butter and the coffee cake. The avocado was buttery and perfectly ripe. I thought the mulberry preserves were leaned into a slightly savory flavor because of the seasoning incorporated in the preserves - not used to this - but still interesting. The cashew butter was amazing. Cashews are one of my favorite nuts and I could eat this by the spoonful.

The breads were were surprisingly tender. Looking at the exterior of the loaves, I’d expect breads of huge undulated interiors with serious chew. I usually prefer that type of bread but these breads are equally delicious as the breads of Gjelina/Gjusta or Huckleberry, but just a different texture/crumb.

The coffee cake was moist and flavorful as well - per rfect level of sweetness for me with coffee.

I brought home a Country loaf, a cinnamon roll and a few oatmeal cookies. I am so full of carbs right now I just can’t fathom eating any more for a while.

Finding bread of this kind and of this skill level around the Westside meant going to Gjusta or Huckleberry for the most part. While Copenhagen is good and all, it is all pastries and sweets except for their rye bread. Lodge balances out this issue and fills the void of really good bread in this general area. Thanks again.

That’s what their web site says, but they were closed this Sunday, and open on Monday. I suggest calling them.

And yes, their bread is excellent.

Stopped into this place this morning. Kind of sad that they switched out the mulberry jam (available seemingly nowhere else) for blueberry (available basically everywhere else besides their).

So I just got a slice of country half cinnamon & sugar and half cashew butter and honey.

It’s some damn good toast.

I was hoping to crown the achievement off with guerilla tacos’ goat flautas and sparerib tacos… but they were sold out of everything by 1:15 despite not starting service until 10:45 (According to their FB). Drove to Trois Familia for a burrito and horchata.

Anywho, good bread. The folks at Lodge must know something about that area that isn’t super obvious. It looks like a deadzone, and then suddenly this bread company serving almost literally nothing besides toast and bread to uber hipsters inside…

Sqirl-Westside is the perfect description of Lodge haha

Hope that mulberry jam comes back though.

that mulberry jam ain’t there no fucking longer ???


they do serve cappachinos too right ???

and that’s quite the snazzy fucking espresso contraption they gots going there ???

and that ain’t no fucking joke

a very very very very fucking limited version of Squirel to be sure.

Well, it’s what Sqirl used to be, years ago, before it blew up into the most popular daytime joint in Silverlake. It used to just be bread + jam, and spectacular espresso (G&B stated off as their coffee program).

So Lodge might eventually build out, who knows.

No more Mulberry Jam though…super sad…was really looking forward to it.

Personally, I wouldn’t get coffee at Lodge, they kind of phoned it in by my standards by serving Verve. You can go up Washington to Cognoscenti where you can get a shot of Kuma (very rare, exceptional microroaster), or their own locally roasted stuff that they just started. My espresso up there (sans Guerilla’s goat flautas sadly), was immaculately viscous, filled with notes of clove, allspice, and clotted cream (notes, not actual cream). Far superior to a second-hand Verve program unfortunately. I vaguely wish Lodge was inside of Cognoscenti… I suppose I’d always just take my toast to go and get spro up at Cog.

what exactly is a fucking note ???

Flavor basically.

re: spro notes
are you talking about Cog’s own roast, or Kuma’s beans?

Cog’s own.