Anaheim Dining in these after times

Gathering a small group together for dinner on Friday, and I’m drawing a blank since it’s been so long. Need a well-rounded place that can make everyone happy. The Ranch is fully committed for the evening but has put me on the wait list in case of cancellation.


Not a lot of great options in Anaheim. Napa Rose is closed. Playground 1.9 is fully booked but they have openings for Saturday at 6:30pm.

I’d probably go towards Buena Park but not sure if your friends want Korean.

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I’m not sure if the folks will be up for Korean.

Poppy + Seed, from the Poppy + Rose team, is opening for dinner service this weekend. I am only concerned about opening weekend jitters there.

Roy’s is another back-up, but that’s only if all other choices fail.

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I don’t know whose rolling for dinner but I would totally go to Benihana. Haha. I still love it. Except that place gets really crowded.


Catal is open, though I have not been in years, as is the Anaheim White House.

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How about Jav’s BBQ or Cortina’s?

BBQ and Italian can pretty much make even the most basic eaters happy

If it’s Cortinas I would double fist a Rocky Balboa in one hand and a meatball in the other lol


All the Downtown Disney places are fully booked for Friday. I checked those immediately after The Ranch.
Looking for cocktails so needing a full bar program. Cortina’s and Jav’s is out.
Anaheim White House requires more than my casual Friday dress.
Benihana might not be a bad idea if dinner comes with the show. I love a good volcano fire! Just checked. No reservations at Benihana…and what kind of animals go there?! They had a dress code that reminded me of high school.

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I know these are not in Anaheim but fairly close to The Ranch with full bars. Anepalco by the Outlets and the newly opened Bosscat in Orange.


Go to Benihana and you might better understand why that dress code exists.

We usually frequent the one in City of Industry. It’s pretty tame there. Went to the Downey location once when it opened…also okay.

Need cocktails and food?

Blind Rabbit

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90-120 minute maximum. And also booked. No leisurely dinner here. Especially if one of the folks is late coming from Burbank.

Anaheim White House?

Have you considered Chaak in Tustin? Yucatecan so some stuff may sound unfamiliar but in SoCal I think Mexican food is always a crowd pleaser. Nice place too*, with cocktails.

*pre-pandemic at least


My wife said her and her GFs really like Chaak. I still haven’t been.


I like Chaak, really nice place, food was good. I’ve only been for lunch pre pandemic but i ended up going there a lot.


I’m going to take this list and go to all the new places myself. Chaak in Tustin sounds like a great time.
Update. The Ranch opened up and found me at reservation.