Anajak Thai (Sherman Oaks)?

Never posted pictures of last weekend’s omakase - blend of my vegetarian omakase and non veggie. Sorry crappy photos. No editing, no real framing.

ikura + Sake Lees

Fermented shrimp innards + gluten

Aspargus + Nam Jim

Buri + Nam Jim

Didn’t catch the fish name + sticky rice

Oyster mushroom + Sticky Rice

tomato tostada

transparent farm shrimp

eggplant tostada O_O SO GOOD

Lap Cheong tostada

grilled yellow oyster mushroom + soy glaze - prob best mushroom prep i’ve had all year

charred eggplant curry

Ayu with holy basil and grilled over banana leaves

Southern Thai Fried Chicken with Caviar

Multi ferment veggie course. Each vegetable is fermented in a different way for different flavors. The seaweed is done in a Tom Yum ferment. Cucumbers in your classic sour asian pickle. Papaya in a peppery lacto ferment. Okra in a spicy white pepper ferment. All 3+ months.

Cherry tomatoes with brown sugar

Zuc curry

A5 Tri tip curry

had to finish up with some of their insane pad thai

my favorite mango sticky rice in all the land.


That must be a very rich bite!

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Sounds amazing!

Followed up with Pizza Wagon. Shoulda asked them for extra crispy. But true NY attitude- i said thanks guys on the way out and got a glare from one dude and totally ignored by the other :joy: there was a third guy who took my order and he was nice :rofl::sunglasses: but he escaped to the back i guess


LOL I too get the “GTF outta here; I’m workin’!” glare after I pay for my food at Pizza Wagon…


how does the “Cherry tomatoes with brown sugar” dish work? sugar inside the tomatoes???

nah just a light dusting to enhance the sweetness - just a palate cleanser


How awesome for chef and his family!

Guess it’s gonna be harder for us to get reservations going forward.


Omakase available for tomorrow. 4 top.



Finally got to try Anajak Thai tonight at an outdoor table for 4. Made my rezzies a month ago.

We had the papaya salad; Lab Tot meatballs; Southern Thai fried chicken; Massaman brisket curry; Pad Siew noodles with chicken; Panang chicken curry; and jasmine rice on the side.

Came out to $41/person after tax and 20% tip in cash.

Not the cheapest Thai, but as someone who cooks using premium meats and poultry at home, I thought the dishes were very good and worth it.

The sauces tasted fresh and made from scratch (many places in SoCal use imported curry paste from a can).

Next visit will be for the infamous TTT. Would love to try the Omakase, but it’d have to be a 2-top.

Saw Chef Justin walking around early in our meal and I waved him over and our table got to chat with him about how he got into the family food biz and I also asked him about being a former Disney imagineer. Cool guy, confident, yet down to earth.


I also dined at Anjak last night for the first time (@foodshutterbug were you inside or outside?).

I thought the food was very delicious, and it is probably the best Thai restaurant in LA that I have been to, although I simply do not agree with the LA Times’ “Restaurant of the Year” accolade. It’s good, but it’s not that good.

However…of our party of six, three of us reported abnormal stomach issues, including food poisoning symptoms, following the meal…


yikes, sorry to hear that.

I have the same view, though admittedly, it’s kind of hard to assess, because LA Times’ view is based on the omakase which seems like a completely unattainable reservations.

@Loaxley We were outside.

Sorry to hear you and some of your guests became ill afterwards. What did you order?

No one in my party of 4 has complained of stomach issues. [edit: I checked in with my 3 guests and all are doing fine.]

I certainly didn’t go because of it. I don’t rely on LAT’s RotY, the 101 and other lists.

It seems like the awardees for the last 3 years received it for taking a unique approach to their situation (e.g. O&W and Covid; AT and their creative use of kitchen scraps, Omakase and guerilla marketing re TTT, etc.), but what do I know shrugs

If it were an old fashioned beauty pageant, I’d say they were switching Miss Congeniality with the beauty queen winner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


When I’ve had digestive issues after good Thai food in LA I blame myself for not eating that much spicy sour funky fishy stuff with fistfuls of herbs and chiles every day.

But the symptoms are different from food poisoning.

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what are best things to get here? thinking of mango sticky rice, fried chicken and transparent sea shrimp


The aforementioned and…

  • Pad Thai
  • Papaya Salad
  • any dry-aged seafood from The Joint
  • Massaman curry

@attran99 ditto to his dad’s curry sauce recipe :heart: and the pad thai there is tasty!!! All the wok noodles are good, and his aunt Mango sticky rice is very comforting. I would come back and eat those Thai food again if I’m out that way.