And Now, A Few Words from KevinEats

From his recent review of Boogie McGee’s Bayou Smokehouse BBQ:

– The andouille was a winner, a gritty, rustic, unabashedly savory sausage with a wonderful creeping spice and herbiness. Yum.

– The beef short rib was undoubtedly my favorite meat of the meal. Texturally, it tore apart with almost no effort, and I was a fan of the contrast provided by the bark. Flavor-wise, think beefy and deeply savory, with an aggressively seasoned crust that served as the perfect accent. This is the one to get–delish.

As I sit here, as it turns out, I actually AM thinking, “beefy and deeply savorybeefy and deeply savorybeefy and deeply savorybeefy and deeply savorybeefy and deeply savorybeefy and deeply savory.”

No F-word?

Wrong kevin, man.


Sounds like a very beef-forward dish.


@kevin never used his stoner contumely in serious reviews.

kevinEats is one of my favorite restaurant blogs. He posts regularly, covers most of the menu, takes good pictures and posts detailed descriptions. While we can take issue with some of his verbiage, I find his contributions to be entertaining and consistent.


I do not disagree.

K.eats is a treasure to blogging and a curse to writing.

I love - and I hate - his blog.

Love the pics, love the comprehensiveness, love the collated minutiae of chefs and owners previous (and. generally, failed) previous efforts, love the over-ordering (just to be thorough), love the highbrow/low brow/no brow egalitarianism of his restaurant choices, and I truly Love, LOVE, LOVE the beer.

But the writing is an abomination. He can do better. I know it -and he does too.


Link to his blog?



Let’s hope that kevin, or even kevineats, applies for the new reviewing job at LA Weekly!


You’re such a tease.


That’s more the kind of gig where they call you. And you’re a James Beard winner.

I happen to know both kevineats and our favorite festive four-lettered food friend kevin. And let me be the first to assure you that they are indeed two quite different people in real life.

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charles darwin:
you are getting your kevins mixed up.

No more:
F-guy = Kevin Gabbay


“This one smelled super sour, with a citrusy, almost urinal cake-like element.“
Love it.

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He may have had no control over this but the visual composition made me look away.

He is PEErless in his use of the scatological vernacular. If ShakesPEEre were still alive, he’d WASTE no time in lauding him (“Urine the big leagues now…”)

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Sushi was so bad, I had to wash the taste away with Calpis.