Andy's Orchard - OOE Tasting

Great post – I’d love to do their tasting sometime. IMO Andy’s has the best picked-ripe fruit in the (extended) Bay Area, bar none. Even their donut peaches (usually a mediocre variety) are exceptional. It was nice to see all the photos. I’m a big fan of Angelus peaches, and bought a flat last time I was there (a few years ago).

What does OOE mean in this context?


OOE = “One Of Everything” it’s the only way @PorkyBelly rolls…


:scream::exploding_head::scream: what an amazing experience! Going to have to book a summer Napa trip just so we can try this next year. How recently were you there, @PorkyBelly?


That’s incredible! I would come home so weighed down with bags of fruit that I would need to check baggage. :wink:


Ditto to all the above comments! :two_hearts: :peach: :two_hearts: Awesome!


this was my first time having flavor kings so i can’t really compare to other farms, all i can say is it was very good. the greengages and bubble gum plums stood out to me more because of how unique they were.

i just had some more greengages for lunch today and they are excellent. they had a jelly-like flesh that was less juicy but more syrupy and tasted kind of like honey and sweet pineapple and kiwi but with none of the tartness. if you can make it to the wed smfm give them a try.


On one of the last KCRW good food podcast market reports somebody from Andy’s Orchard was talking about the green gages. Made my mouth water listening to the description.

Wanted to mention that i believe that Flora Bella has green gages as well that are very good. Usually they have others as well.


That was david karp the “fruit detective”:

it’s fun seeing him at the market, he gets really excited seeing what other farmers are bringing and asking questions

I wish I had a cool nickname like the fruit detective.

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Thanks for the shoutout, PB. Love Andy’s and the unicorn Greengage.

Tenerelli also has Satsuma Plums this week which are absolutely delicious this year.



i was there for their last tour of the year on 8/11. Hope you get to try it next year.

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Two kinds of mirabelles. Damn.

Maybe you know this but Morgan Hill is a hundred miles from Napa.

A two hour side trip is worthwhile. Napa is the only real excuse I can make to travel up that way.
Fly into SJO side trip to the Orchard. Then rental car up to Napa. Fly home via OAK…no logistical problem whatsoever.

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Napa’s the only reason to come to the Bay Area? Yikes.

So I have to justify to you why I don’t travel to the Bay Area much? Are you the travel rationale police?

To me that’s like saying the only excuse for going to LA is Santa Barbara.

I can see doing that. I love driving PCH, and I love Santa Barbara.

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