Angelo’s Pizzeria South Philly

I thought this place will probably deserves its own thread.

From my research it seems like Angelo’s has some of the best pizza (round, square, upside down), cheesesteaks, hoagies, and cutlet sandwiches. That is pretty damn impressive for a small shop in South Philly.

Any tips for getting a order in? It seems like they only take phone orders. Anyone not get a order in?

Can’t wait to try this place. This is one of my top places to try in Philly. Since I am in the neighborhood I might make a return visit to South Philly Barbacoa and Isgro. Or maybe try Casa Mexico (same owner as South Philly Barbacoa).


If you’re visiting this weekend, another S. Philly bang option to consider. Ramadan break fast at Bok Bar


Missed it but I am considering banging it with Kalaya Thai which is basically next door to Angelo’s. That looks like some really good Thai

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