Angler - Beverly Center

My understanding is the money has already been spent. I have been inside recently and genuinely can’t tell how they spent so much. It is not very different, and certainly not much more pleasant, than before.

It doesn’t get that hot in this part of town. Also note that the Grove, which is outdoors and vastly more pleasant, is just down the street from Beverly Center and gets 18 million visits a year. I can’t find the number for Beverly Center but it is nowhere near that.

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You’re right, they finished last year.

How fun to be able to literally go right next door for a dinner + movie after work. ::sigh::

the Grove is also a tourist destination for some reason.

Marketing savvy.

Say what you will about the man, but Rick Caruso is one shrewd developer. Having nationally syndicated entertainment shows shot on-site at The Grove is brilliant. That place is teeming with gawker tourists.

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the place was packed on a saturday night after the bladdison review.

the 1 comma crab

sea bream ceviche, plantain chips, onions
this was fine, the sauce was a bit too acidic.

striped bass head & collar
two heads are always better than one. came with yuzukosho, sakura salt, and leaves to make wraps and was glazed with a kind of sweet soy. the logistics of picking out enough meat to make a wrap didn’t quite work. i just ended up eating the meat by itself and sucking the face bones.

golden straw mushrooms in broth
i enjoyed sipping on the chicken broth more than the cordyceps, which were pretty mild.

live spot prawn
highlight. pro tip, save the sauce to eat with the parker house rolls.

grilled parker house rolls, cultured butter
highlight. the cultured butter was incredible.

angler potato & cheese sauce
crisp on the edges and soft on the inside.

chinese eggplant buried in the embers
nice and smoky with a sweet glaze on top.

grilled striped bass
the chili-crisp topping was a bit too much and overwhelmed the fish. i enjoyed the swordfish more.

cocoa pod
reminded me of a chocolate budino


Wow… looks like you’ve warmed to place since your first visit? We’re looking for someplace to take my cuz for his bday. I’ll check out the menu. Thanks!

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lol @ 1 comma crab

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I hate having to ask for a joke to be explained to me, but I am not too proud to do so.


i believe the crab is around or over $1,000, hence the comma. (i think or i could be or probably wrong)

edit: added the parentheses part


Yes that’s exactly the joke


thanks, i didnt want to assume

Correct. 8 lbs @ $128/lb = 1 comma.

Is that the same crab they’ve had since opening?

I’m glad it was packed, I would hate to lose this kind of restaurant.

It looks the same. Smug.

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dunno who this dude is but i like him