Another One Bites the Dust

Truly sorry to see this one…

Urban Solace and it’s Encinitas sister resto Solace & Moonlight Lounge are closing tomorrow, March 13th. What a bummer, I always liked Urban Solace.

Just saw it on Instagram with a comment from Trey Foshee - that’s really sad and disappointing - we had many great meals at US

Nice to see that you’re still checking up on what’s going on here in SD, Honk.

By now you must be very much acclimated to your new life and surroundings. So it’s nice to hear from you.

Yes, it’s a sad day, seeing Urban Solace disappear. Just like that.

When they closed in January for a refresh I had 2 thoughts…

  1. They’ve been open more than 10 years, the space is probably due for a refresh and a menu update. This is a restauranuer doing the right thing and US will continue being a great dining experience

  2. Uh-oh…close for a revamp? Small plate menu, which seems to not be in the chef’s wheelhouse? This is a restaurant in trouble.

I thought it could go either way. Unfortunately, it went the wrong way :disappointed_relieved::cry::plate_with_cutlery::hocho:

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The only time reboots seem to work is with a complete rebranding , remodel, and overhaul of the menu

Speaking of reboots anyone tried Porchetta Shack formerly Carnitas snack shack in NP?

I haven’t been yet but I have seen several photos of the food and it looks really good. I was thinking about going next week for lunch.

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I had the Porchetta sandwich. Pretty tasty, but very odd. The sandwhich arrives swimming in a boat of red sauce. There is absolutely no dignified way to eat it! Makes a mess of your face, hands, and arms like a rack of ribs that explode when you pick them up. The sauce causes the bread bottom to get soggy so it cant hold its form, and the nuances of the sandwich kinda get lost in it. I hope they figure out a way to plate it better.

Looking forward to trying the rest of the menu though!

I think I read somewhere (Eater maybe?) that the red sauce is an “ahogada” sauce. It sounds like a mash up between a porcetta sandwich and the torta ahogada from Guadalajara. The big difference here is that the bread for the torta is a special roll called a bigote and the crust on the roll is hard so that it doesn’t fall apart when the ahogada sauce goes on. The crust softens up from the liquid, but it doesn’t ge squishy and fall apart.

I know the guy that runs the torta ahogada truck down in Chula Vista has the biogte roll flow in from Guadalajara several times a week and he goes down to TJ to pick them up.

I’ve had a torta ahogada in LA a few times and it was always a delicious mess. Porchetta meets ahogada sounds pretty great. Will have to get there soon. Thanks for the report @MrKrispy.

yes, it is an ahogada sauce, It tasted like a hybrid of a romesco and a Roberto’s hot sauce. Quite delicious, brought the heat but didn’t make me sweaty. Using it to soften the roll makes sense!

btw, we went to LI Food Hall last night, I had Porchetta Sandwich there too haha.

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What are your thoughts on the LI Food Hall? I don’t get to LI as much as I used to, is it worth a trip down?

I wouldn’t make a special trip for it, been kinda hit or miss for us. The pizza place is fantastic. Sam the Cooking Guy’s Not Not tacos were not good, unfortunately. Have liked what we have gotten from Roast and the Wicked lobster place.

The food at the LI food hall was totally forgettable though there has been some turnover since I was last there. But the piazza was beautiful and a great place to hang out and people watch while eating salt and straw or pappalecco.

I agree. I think that the new plaza is a very classy addition to an already classy area of town. I’m pretty sure that the food options in the small food hall will continue to evolve, as with the Market at Liberty Station.

Food at LI Food Hall is pathetic.

Go to one of the nearby taco trucks instead.

We’ve actually not eaten at any of the Food Hall places. We like the ambience and the pedestrian mall aspect of that block, with condos surrounding. Very European, Mexican, or South American. Which, I think, is very classy.

You may have misunderstood me, if you were replying to me, ipse. I was responding to this part of RedDevil’s comment:

So sad about Urban Solace. It really started the turn around for North Park. I wondered about the reboot, too.

As for the LI Food Hall, I wasn’t that impressed, either.

Hoping to get to Porchetta Shack soon. I am hopeful that the return of the originator will bode well.

Glad to see some San Diego entries!

I just saw that Brooklyn Girl is closing end of the month. Like Urban Solace, it seemed like they were consistently busy so i am fairly shocked. Similarly, we haven’t dined there in at least a year because it was a pain to get seated.

I wonder if Fort Oak opening put a kink in their business. But if you do the math, the owners have been operating restaurants for 30 years in SD. It may simply be the most opportune time to retire.