Any Good Lowfat cheeses?

My doctor has put me on a dang diet for High Blood pressure.
I usually use cheese for pizza, tacos and lasagna.

I like the TJ’s reduced fat smoked Gouda. Nevertheless, the sodium content of this, and many other cheeses are probably going to kill you.

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You might want to get a second opinion from a doctor who’s up on current nutritional research. Current understanding is that diets too high in easily digested carbohydrates including sugar, flour, and potatoes are the main drivers of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, and that reduced-fat diets typically make things worse.

Fresh cheeses are your best bet, i.e., fresh mozzarella, ricotta, etc., but check the labels, as different brands vary.

The highest sodium cheeses are feta and Parmesan. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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The discussion is about sodium. Some people are genetically disposed to not being able to process high amounts of sodium.

A second opinion is always helpful, of course, but relying on internet articles versus your doctor’s advice is a bit risky.

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I like this Oaxacan cheese I get from the local mexican market. They call it queso something, sorry, don’t remember exact name, but it is very similar to a string cheese so low in fat. I love it for its melting qualities. It comes in a ball, in a clear plastic bag, and they sell behind the counter with other cheese. They also sell two kinds of queso fresco, one creamier than the other. I think queso fresco might be lower fat, especially the less creamy version, than some cheese.


It’s usually called quesillo

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Yes! Thanks!

The topic is, “Any good lowfat cheeses?”

Yeah, there are opinions that sodium is as big a factor. I don’t use an enormous amount of cheese on any of the mentioned dishes.

Not a cheese, but I like avocados on tortillas with radishes, radish greens and or tomatoes and can forgo the cheese.

YES! Plus, let’s face it, some grated cheese is a small dietary additive. PS: I love radishes on things.

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We really like the reduced fat swiss (Jarlesberg Lite) at Costco. 50 calories a slice, good protein, good flavor.

We also like the reduced fat Baby bell cheeses, though it looks like our Los Feliz Costco no longer carries it, we’ll have to head on out to Burbank : |

Is low-fat generally high sodium?

The link you provided has some questionable advice which isn’t backed up by clinical studies with acceptable power, e.g. whole grains - most reasonable controlled trails (e.g. Wholeheart study, meta-analysis etc.) hasn’t found statistically significant benefits from ingedting more whole grains when looking on markers for CV risk or metabolic syndrome or body weight). There are also other advices like amount of fiber etc which aren’t supported by clinical studies

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My apologies, you’re correct regarding the topic. Generally a diet to control high blood pressure focuses as much on sodium as it does on saturated animal fats.

Any Good Lowfat cheeses?


Bookwich, I totally agree with you. Not everyone who asks a question knows all the info. I didn’t realize that this site was that strict. Thanks for your contribution.

The sodium is a given. I’ve already cut down on salt, red meat, sugar, flour etc… I’m having trouble with giving up cheese, so I thought I would get recs for good low fat and go from there.

Thanks for all the replies.

I like the reduced fat Dubliner cheese from Kerrygold and the reduced fat Cabbott cheddar. Not as low fat as say the Kraft low fat cheeses but the taste and texture are better. Oh and guilty pleasure = Borden 2% milk singles for melting.

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