Any great Live Jazz venues around L.A.?

ironically, that was davis’ first gold album.

Yep. What the fuck does Herb Alpert know about jazz?

I saw a documentary about session men and IIRC the claim was made that the Tijuana Brass did not play on Alpert’s first LP. Rather it was the session men.

yes Thor, tell me, without the hammer, what the hell does Herb Alpert know about jazz…he plays pop, produces pop and has turned great jazz musicians into pop fluff! if he does know anything about jazz, it doesnt show in his club!

@lapizzamaven, YES! WOW, Azar Lawrence Quintet is exactly what I was looking for! Just youtubed some of his performances.

December 26 is too early (more family stuff), but do you know if he’s going to be doing any shows in January 2016 around So Cal?

I noticed he actually played at The Mint last year.

Thanks for any help!

Hi All,

Also, someone told me Seven Grand in Downtown L.A. has Live Blues and Jazz?! (I’m shocked.)

Has anyone heard the music there? Is it any good?

When he’s in town, Azar usually plays a monthly sat nite gig at the Seabird Lounge…check their website after New Years…i’ll ask him this weekend…he does play occasionally at the Mint…email me if youre serious and i’ll let ya know when i see talk to him this

while its not really in the purvue of this board, despite what the patrons of said board think about herb alpert, his club or his music, i would be VERY surprised if h didnt know more about jazz than all of said patrons combined.

that being said, i dont know herb alpert.

plus, pat senatore, who plays there ALL the time, and is the ARTISTIC DIRECTOR is certainly knowledgable about jazz. . . .

thor: you don’t seem to know much about this venue and how it operates beyond the fact that you don’t like it.

Inspector Clusoue is that you?

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I do like it. I do admit i am not a huge jazz expert. I just like the sound, food, bar and vibe

Im with you on all counts.

westsidegal, it’s me who hates Vibrato…the most disrespectful audience ive ever had the misfortune to experience…and Linus, while Herb Alpert may know a lot about jazz he neither plays it nor encourages a policy in his restaurant where the musicians are respected…that being said, ive never eaten there but it seems like the patrons enjoy themselves in spite of the jazz! as for Pat Senatore, he has my sympathy for having to endure those rude audiences night after night…the $$ probably makes it tolerable

Ive never been to 7 Grand but i know that high caliber, swingin jazz is played there

herb alpert doesnt play jazz? ok. btw, neither did gandhi, paddy chayefsky or carolina cotton.

as to what he encourages or doesnt, well, he pays them, right?

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Maybe Herb can hire Patti as a bouncer!

i forgot to mention red white & bluezz in pasadena

i haven’t been there since they moved to the playhouse district in pasadena earlier this year.

also a little disappointed no one else has given jax in glendale any love.

paying the musicians doesnt make it a great jazz club…and actually, Gandhi dug Thelonius Monk!

i didnt say it was a great jazz club. gandhi dug monk? cool. justin bieber digs skateboarding.

i’m glad to hear it.
i like it too.
in my alternate universe, there would be enoughj jazz-loving folks in LA to support more of it.
sadly, that universe exists only in my imagination.
i fear, without mixing in pop now and again, we would lose much of what is left.

but, be assured, that pat senatore knows jazz.