Any Happy Hour Revelations Out There?

I’m always on the hunt for a good HH.

I last gave DrChow a lead on some kobe sliders at Public House in LJ. S&M looked interesting, have to give it a try soon.

Anything new and exciting?

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Basic serves pizza during their happy hour.

Stake Chophouse in Coronado Daily Happy Hour 4:30-6:30

Mon-Fri 3:30-5:30

Duke’s La Jolla…opening soon
Only had their happy hour in da islands and always solid…

Aloha and so glad your here Sledge… :cocktail:

Okay, this is going to sound stuffy, but The Marine Room has some pretty good Happy Hour options. Their bar is small, but the vibe is very low-key and casual. Service was attentive but also somewhat casual. Beachy/clubby, not noisy, not a scene.

Happy Hour is 4-6 pm Sunday - Friday and all apps are $10 and they are large enough to be a light meal. Cocktail of the day is $10 and wine of the day $8, pours are generous. Signature cocktails are $15.

The shishito peppers w/kalbi glaze were outrageously good, as was the duck breast app.

And then there is the view…

5 people, 4 appetizers, 3 glasses of wine, 4 bourbons and 1 signature cocktail = $200 including a generous tip. No it’s certainly not the cheapest happy hour ticket in town, but the food, drinks and ambiance were perfect.

Flight Path

Fixed it for you.

And, yes, Basic is great for happy hour, or just a meal, or just a game of pool.

Ha! Yes. And’s it’s pretty good!

Used to always go to Kimo’s HH and then finish it off with their Hula Pie. Can’t wait for Duke’s to open.

Truluck has great happy hour with half priced drinks. You can get a Cubano made with 18 year Don Pancho, ($100 bottle of rum) for only $7.

Delighted you’ve joined us, @4wino

Luce’s has had a nice makeover and is about twice as large now, which means it’s possible to get a seat during their HH, which is still 3-6. Shared a burger (first time in a long time since my last one there wasn’t so hot) with my companion, but it wasn’t rare; she likes them med. Pretty good, I must say, and the fries have improved greatly.

Still bested by the HH kobe sliders at Public House in LJ. (TY cstr.)

Stake Chophouse
Duke’s La Jolla
Las Olas
C Level
Eddie V’s

The ‘King’ of Happy Hours kills it on his knowledge of HH… :cocktail::beers:


$5 eats.

$5 suds, and $1 off all grape juice.

Good poutine. Pair it with the fried green tomatoes, and you don’t feel so guilty about all those carbs and curds.

After a three year hiatus from Searsucker, the wife and I enjoyed the HH there this week. $5 craft drafts, $7 signature cocktails, and then we had the Marys Chicken Lollipops with Stilton dipping sauce which was very tasty (Four large size chicken meatballs on a stick covered in a spicy sauce for $8), Hummus, veggie and lavash plate for $5, and the duckfat fries with parmesan and proscuitto dust $4 (these were really good). All in all we were very satisfied. Service was friendly but a little sketchy, and the atmosphere was very nice.

By all accounts the happy hour at the new TRUST in Hillcrest (in that fancy mixed used project on Park, i.e. the “Mr. Robinson” complex) is pretty good.

Food $7
Drinks (cocktails, beer, and wine) $5

Lamb meatballs and chicken liver toast were all good.

Some interesting cocktails on the offing. Tried the “Penicillin” which was a tequila based cocktail mixed with some ginger and honey (and maybe one other thing that I’m forgetting). Interesting, and a bit more acidic than I’m used to, but that’s me. Old Fashioned was, well, just like a good Old Fashioned. In retrospect there was a rum based Manhattan that I shoud’ve tried. Next time, I suppose.

Room is loud, or should I say “lively”? So you’ve been warned. Sit outside if you want it a bit more tranquil, especially with these mild SD nights we’re having in the middle of winter.

The better half and I went to Cueva Bar for happy hour last week. It’s a quaint little place on Adams Avenue by Trolley Barn Park, right next door to Circa restaurant. All draft beers are $4 and they have 4 to choose from (Societe Pupil was in session!), and 4 different wines or Sangria for $5. They have 10 happy hour items for $5.

The Oustanding:

Churipapas $5: Yes, home made chorizo with fingerling potatoes in a mini-crock with lots of cheese melted on top. Whats not to like?
Empanada $7: Spicy Chicken and Gorgonzola in a curry dough. Unique and super delicious.
Tacos de cola de diablo $8.50: Basically carnitas (with all the crispy bits!) with tomatillo sauce, pickled onions, and fresh avocado slices. Again super flavorful and well prepared (3 tacos)
BananaBread Pudding $5.50: Why didn’t I think of this? Banana Bread Pudding served with housemade vanilla ice-cream and caramel sauce. You want this! Thank me later.

The Good:

Poblano Fleatbread $5: Basically chile relleno pizza and it’s damn good if you like chile rellenos.
Queso Panela Frito $5: Wedge of warm pan fried Panela cheese served with two crostinis and onion jam. delicious, but happy hour portion of bread was not enough.
Torta Azteca de Mole $11: chopped chicken simmered in a dark rich mole sauce layered between several warm tortillas and topped with queso fresco and a grilled serrano chile. Deep, rich, and tasty, but could have used some crema to cut the richness.

Plus 3 beers and 2 glasses of wine and we were just at $70 before tip. Very enjoyable and definitely will go back. Want to try Circa as well.


Have you been to the new Ponsaty’s in the ranch where Delicia’s used to be, for their Tapa Tuesday’s?

Wish they were open for lunch!