Any intel on the Echo Park ex-Amaro/Allumette location?

I moved in down the street from Amaro (1320 Echo Park Ave) about two weeks before they seemingly closed for good. The property’s been empty since then, but it seems like renovations are underway as of a few weeks ago. Does anyone know if there’s another restaurant going in? Between this vacant building and the husk of the Whisperer across the street, the EPA/Montana intersection is feeling a little bleak.


I don’t know anything about that area, but welcome to FTC. :slight_smile:


Those spots have both cycled through a ton of concepts with limited staying power - it’s been a pretty bleak intersection for the majority of the last 20 years tbh. Hope something cool goes in next. But there’s always Los Burritos!

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Heard from someone they’re reverting back to something similar to what the Halloway was.

In a past life I worked in the building across the street when it was Red Hill and it is indeed a rough intersection. Combo A, formerly Chinatown Express, is pretty reliable for steam table Chinese though.
Curious what Miles Thompson is up to nowadays.


Good to know, makes sense given the steep competition from the Little Caesar’s down the block haha.

Los Burritos went way down in my book when they got rid of their egg & chorizo burrito a few months ago but hey, they are reliable!

Thanks for the intel! Love Combo A, amazing people running that joint. KG Bakery down the street is also a gem.

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And, take that intel with a big grain of salt!

Maybe this is old news but he was cooking at Konbi for a minute, and I think they recently put up a post a saying he was moving on to start his own thing. Definitely following his next moves with interest: Login • Instagram

I liked Red Hill! Miss that place. Never made it to The Whisperer.

Welcome to FTC!!!