Any interest from the LA board in moving to HO?

I like flying back and forth between HO and FTC . FTC is more cutting edge . Even though I don’t live in LA I have been there and like reading the posts . HO goes to bed to early also .


I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.

Being new, I don’t know how much weight my opinion has or should have, but I’m open to a move. I didn’t go through the great CH migration, so I don’t have the fear of corporate buyouts, but after browsing OH, I do think it could benefit the community to have a wider variety of active boards. I may be naive, but I think a move would be easy enough.

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There’s already been considerable attrition in the move from CH to FTC - we lost some key posters. Is there any reason to believe the same thing won’t happen if we move again?

Well, to be fair (and IMHO), I think we lost a lot of posters b/c they had already abandoned CH 6-12 mos prior to the formatting changes that drove the rest of us away, and those posters (such as Servorg) didn’t post an e-mail address. I’m actually sort of amazed we were able to get as many posters as we have…


I will just create my own board and post to myself.


Well, I guess with Ipse’s unilateral moderation HO won’t be too much of a concern.

Moving to site talk intentionally decreases the visibility of this thread and isn’t th moderation over petty bickering only.

Robert doesn’t give away his writing so I shouldn’t create content for him to cash in on either.

OK, I just ventured over to HO, and I can’t say I’m impressed. Why is Los Angeles grouped with the entire American Southwest + Hawai’i?? I don’t know if the lack of focus on that site for our region makes it dead or what, but it looks like there’s only a few people there talking to themselves. That’s sad.

I remember when we were debating whether or not to split OC off into its own board…LOL

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The two sites have different personalities that would more than likely end up requiring referees. Posters on HO don’t go full asshole on each other like they do on FTC.


And HO is also not 99% about L.A.


Discourse is $100 a month, to date I’ve paid them $900. Google AdSense brings in about $60 a month, to date I’ve gotten $536. So I’ve cashed in to the tune of -$364. You’re welcome.


And that’s why it would make sense to merge both sites

New boards are being added as discussion ramps up. I seem to recall there being a discussion on HO about whether it was better to have more general boards, starting out, where you would have interaction / activity, or empty boards waiting to be populated: which would likely be more appealing to someone new to the site.

So everything needs a discussion around a goal? Here I just create boards on request. It’s a service, not a project.


Thank You Robert for creating FTC . I’m sorry you have to baby sit the site now .

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Im cool,with a merger if it means mote discussion but first off, wat is HO?

Hungry Onion

the kindest answer i can suggest is that they’re food generalists while the current majority of posters here are more specialized in their interests. i personally am most interested in authentic ethnic cuisines that are accessible locally. and while i retain a strong interest in cooking, i’ve found that just googling for certain recipes was more effective than searching the CH boards. so i have little to no motivation to start participating on HO for that.

and in threads addressing the topic of a FTC/HO merger, posters to a (wo)man all seem to despise a prolific use of the f word in one poster’s writing style. it’s ironic because in one of their early threads, they note that all we did when we first got here was rant about CH - whereas on one particular thread discussing a merger, seemingly all they did was complain about that poster.

i also note that just about every LA based post had NO replies. unless a group chooses to move en masse, individual posters are going to despair of doing the equivalent of shouting into an empty chasm looking for LA-based responses. i’m not inclined to start lurking just to see if others start responding.

it’s probably fair to describe FTC as a subset of what HO aspires to be, but there are reasons why we’ve remained separate and i’m ok with that.

and since i’ve not said so before, thank you, robert, for giving us a place to land.


Secret Asian man . Well said . Even though I don’t live in LA . I have never read any more prolific posters than on the LA board .WSG was my hook when I worked in So Cal . She’s awesome .Turned me on to great food . Also a shout out to Bula ,Ciao ,Weeny Mob… , Chow seeker , Ips , Kev ,Porky , Nosh ,and all of you . If anyone is going to visit the area there is no better to ask . Why even mess around with the rest of the talk .Leave HO for that . LA all the way . Do what you do best .


everyone outside is going to have their opinions of the area, and there will be some provincialism involved. to be fair, it’s not realistic to expect some to appreciate the breadth of the diversity of ethnic cuisines accessible to those who live in the southland, nor to appreciate how assimilating that can be a full time passion in and of itself.

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As an aside, there is IMO a really bad clique developing on HO that the owner seems reluctant to address.