Any L.A. Area Ramen Places Make Their Own Noodles In-House?

Asking for a friend (and for all us FTCers too, I suppose)… Thanks in advance!


I’ve heard tengoku in ktown makes their own noodles. But I’ve never been so can’t verify the veracity of what I’ve heard or even if it’s a good place to eat.

If you try it let us know!

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Hi @J_L,

HiroNori does, but that’s O.C. (not sure if you count that as “L.A. area” or not). But IMHO, their Handmade Noodles were almost bordering on Udon, and didn’t have the Ramen Noodle density, flavor we were used to. It’s not bad at all, though.

Haven’t heard of anywhere else so far.

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Some claims on Yelp that Fujin Ramen and Tatsu Ramen do.

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This is complete sentence


Venice Ramen


I legit laughed out loud.


Opulence. You has it.


Even if their noodles were spun from Aphrodite’s hair and blessed by Brillat-Savarin himself, I still wouldn’t eat the ramen at Tatsu due to their vile broth.

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Marugame on Sawtelle just opened. The opening weekend crowds were robust! Maybe I’ll get there this week?

Yeah but Marugame is udon, not ramen. Different ballgame.

(BTW I ate at Marugame Sawtelle twice last weekend - It was good.)


Tatsu on Friday


Oh yah MTN. Although IMHO, MTN’s “Ramen” Noodles taste more like Soba. It doesn’t taste like Ramen.

ok… ta fak is MTN

Hi @Nemroz,

MTN is Chef Travis Lett’s (Gjelina, Gjusta) new restaurant focusing on his take on Japanese Izakaya food in Venice.

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Doubling down on @aaqjr’s rec: Venice Ramen.

My opinion: These are the best in-house handmade noodles being made in SoCal right now. (and I love HiroNori).
First bite and you will notice the difference. The texture is amazing. Execution is always perfect.

Bonus: The shop is run by a man (Hide Mochizuki) that has locations in Tokyo (link).
Check out the pics from his shops in Tokyo and here. Almost identical.

He did not come and set up shop, train a crew, and leave.
(@Chowseeker1999 and others have often lamented the drop in quality when ramen shops open with a crew from Japan, then hand the reigns to locals after a couple month.)
He came, set down anchors (with his whole family in tow), and now cranks out the most underrated ramen in the greater LA area every damn day (except Sunday).

For me, this is drive-worthy ramen.
A comedian’s comedian, a guitarist’s guitarist–this is a ramen-maker’s ramen.


(INB4 If anyone says anything along the lines of, “Wahh, that egg is hard boiled.” I will slap a bitch.)

Further reading:


No seriously. That egg though - what is this 2004?

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I will defend this egg style forever. Shit doesn’t always have to be soft. I’ve been to Japan gdamit


As long as the yolk doesn’t have that grey-green tinge…

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does that color have anything to do with taste?