Any opinions on either of the new Melrose steak frite places, L'Assiette or Le Relais de l'Entrecote?


As I mentioned on the “Tired of Terrible French Fries” thread, the fries at L’Assiette are very good.

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Friend and I went there a few wks (mos?) ago. Still great. The steak and fries are served in two portions, and the fries are wonderful (just crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside). Had 1-2 pieces of steak that were a bit chewy; otherwise, the other 6 or so pieces were very tender.

Foie gras app was a bit of a disappointment (although I really haven’t had enough foie gras to be able to make good comparisons). A bit too mineral-y for my taste, and I don’t know if such a small portion for $24 is “normal.”

For the price, I think the steak frites is a good (maybe even great?) value.

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I agree. Get ready for lots of food.

Thanks all.
PGL and Wiener - are you referring to L’Assiette?



Strange, our foie gras app portion was actually too big, and IMO not as high quality as some of the other FG preps I’ve had.

For my $$$, I’d just stick to the sorrel soup and steak frites.


Ah, yes, it would be helpful if I actually clarified which restaurant! Yes, L’Assiette. Have not tried the other one.

And, correct me if I’m wrong @wienermobile, but what you’ve got pictured is just one serving, yes? :slight_smile:

Really??? Hmmm… I do recall that there was lot of “stuff” on the plate but, when poking around and then tasting it, it seemed like much of the plate consisted of non-foie stuff (like the onion confit). Very tasty, but not what I wanted…

Agree that sticking w/ soup + steak frites is prob the way to go.

This is a bad photo, I should feel bad, and I do - this is as of 3/27. It’s actually not as physically big as I remembered, but by the time I got to the last 1/4th of it I didn’t want to finish it (keep in mind I’m splitting this with the wife). That may be more a statement on quality vs size.

I think we can agree on one point - what we were expecting was not what we received.

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That is half a serving… to keep your meal hot it is served in two servings. The second serving is included in price or you can take it home.

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I was expecting a $42 price tag…but it’s only $28. It looks like an absurdly huge portion if that is only 1/2 of it. Is the quality of the steak decent? That low of a price actually worries me…but it would be nice to be able to eat a simple steak frites done in a French way. Maybe I am better off sticking to Petit Trois though (theirs is $36, which sounds like a correct price if using high-quality beef).

Anyone able to compare the two?

Also, does Rossini-style work on steak frites? I always thought it needed a fillet?

I went a couple of months ago. L’Assiette is always a fantastic choice. A rare steak frites and sorrel soup is a great dinner to me. I always get full from the first serving. I pick at the second serving and take it home for breakfast the next day. Just fry up a couple of over easy eggs and it’s the best breakfast for the next morning.


Can’t compare, but the quality of the meat is definitely decent, if a little inconsistent. Went with a friend a few days ago - the first half of my steak portion was a little tough (still tasty), but the second half was perfectly tender. My friend didn’t have the same issue, both of his portions were fine. Fries make me think of an upscale McDonalds.

Definitely a great value for the price.

I guess at that price it can’t really hurt to try it; I am a big fan of good fries though. The steak is incredibly at Petit Trois, but I do not remember their fries wowing me.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely liked the fries, but my taste in fries is pretty unusual (I like In-n-Out fries sans modifications :stuck_out_tongue:).

Don’t go for the steak. It reminds me of meat that’s been given the Jaccard massage.

They were quite good, but I think Bel Campos are better. For clarification - Bel Campos - when they’re cooked a little longer and browner than usual. They can vary there. When they’re at their “worst” - still a little better than L’Assiette. Oinkster too I’d put a little higher.

“Mini”-Hal’s is open on Abott Kinney - but I haven’t tried their fries. They used to be the best in the city (I think).

Finally went to L’Assiette. What a dichotomy!

Really fantastic steak frittes. Nice sorrel soup

Really shit and overpriced wine list (lincourt a 17$ bottle is going for $15 per glass? i cant even count he mark-up). Glad we brought our own.

Offensively bad cassoulet… I know we just came back from france and have several there but i’d have hate it it before anyway. This was not cassoulet. This was beef and bean soup… fucking kidney beans!!! in soup! kill me now. so salty… no lamb and duck as advertised… all the wrong sausage (andouille are you kidding me)… and why was there a slice of salami in there? Wish I had balls to send food back.

WOULD go back with my own wine for just steak/frittes though! Always bar seating.

why would you ever buy cassoulet from a place specializing in steak frites?


Because she had the steak and I knew I’d be eating half of it anyway (we share everything) and I realllly have a cassoulet fetish

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