Any places similar to Kanoyama? (reasonably priced sushi and appetizers)

I’ve been to Kanoyama a few times while in New York. The sushi is reasonably priced and while obviously not the highest tier, quite good, with a large variety of fish. Their sushi special (formerly an “omakase” platter) comes with 8 of the best fish of the day and a toro taku roll for a reasonable $39. I also enjoy their appetizers and cooked dishes like the Nakaochi (giant bluefin tuna rib that you scrape the meat off of) and anago tempura. Are there any places like Kanoyama that have a good selection of appetizers and also a reasonably priced variety of sushi?

I haven’t been to Kanoyama so can’t compare. I thought Katsuei’s basic omakase offers a decent QPR at $60.

Sushi Dojo on 1st Ave. It’s been a while since I’ve been there, though, so hopefully someone with more recent information will weigh in. Or Blue Ribbon Izakaya, which I don’t like, but plenty of other people do.

If you’re not looking for a true omakase experience (sit at counter; chef serves nigiri one-by-one), SenYa in the East Village had an interesting selection of fish with creative touches. Wokuni in midtown is also decent.

For relatively affordable omakase, I agree with @Sgee that Katsuei is solid. Their Brooklyn location is a little cheaper (because of real estate I think). Uotora in Brooklyn is also great.

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