Any Restaurants That Offer Calendars?

Hi Gang,

First off, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to each and every one of you. It is truly a privilege to chat food (and often life in general) with you guys all year long - I feel blessed.

This time of the year, some restaurants offer free calendars. Do you guys know of any off hand? I have a friend (no it’s not me) who collects this stuff.

As always - Thanks in advance!


Go’s “Travel Destination” themed… where I get my annual desk calendar. Speaking of which need mine for 2017.

Disclaimer - Not sure if he gives it out to everyone though.


A litmus test of my relationship with the goldfoil purveyor Go-san…

J Zhou did last year.

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My parents and grandparents have never bought a calendar ever!!!

(You know when your Chinese if…)


I seem to recall Yang Chow gives them out.


Bento Man on Western in West Adams usually gives them out.


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I was going to say that for the past two years we’ve ended-up with (possibly faux) bamboo wall calendars from Yang Chow.

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Every Korean supermarket gives them out if you spend enough. If you go to H-mart and grab a big box of blue jays for $29.99 you get a free calendar.

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Your friend should collect these calendars.

Last year around this time, I stopped into Mama’s Lu on a lark and they bestowed upon me a really good big ass calendar. Not sure if this is an annual thing.

Chi Chi’s in Northridge does calendars every year, and they come with coupons too. We get them in the mail every year (addressed to Current Resident!)

2017 edition


Cool theme, but it’s gotta be FREE. Gratis. Complimentary. That’s the big deal.