Any updates on the Best Noodle House vs. Chong Qing Special Noodle comparisons?

Have never been to Chong Qing and have not been to BNH since the chef moved.

In your case, go to BNH again and see what you think. I like it better than CQSN, but CQSN serves all their menu every day, takes card, and the Gele Mountain Style Fried Chicken is awesome. As long as you don’t go on a Tuesday, you should enjoy BNH.

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Hi @CiaoBob,

Yah, we did a comparison recently (went back multiple times to both places). It was posted in this thread.

Hope it helps.

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Have been to both places recently within a pretty short time-frame.

Thoughts on the fried chicken:
CQSN: much more in-your-face spicing, definitely coming from the seasoning layered on top after the frying.
BNH: maybe slightly more technically precise in the frying technique; the spicing is more subdued but definitely not “weak” - more reminiscent of aromatics, almost, and seems to be an artifact of the marination and maybe part of the breading. Spicing isn’t nearly as visible on top of the chicken itself. (Also offers adjustable spice levels. Medium was good but not very spicy.)

At the end of the day, that comparison comes down to what you’re in the mood for - it’s hard to say that one is straight up better than the other, just made with a different vision in mind.

Youpo noodles @ BNH were slightly undersauced last time, but had a good bite (and were strongly improved by adding some sauce from the excellent wontons in chili oil).

Meanwhile biangbiang noodles @ QCSN had excellent, unique saucing, but were slightly too soft.

Fish boiled in hot sauce @ QCSN turns out to be green soup rather than red - but very tasty, if somewhat subtle.

I can’t say I have a super strong preference for one over the other at this point, but I think most of my friends prefer CQSN for various reasons - most often their strength in a wide variety of noodle dishes that aren’t Dan Dan (BiangBiang and pan-fried shrimp noodles, among others!).

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Big thanks.
BNH it will be today.