Any Vegans here?

@JeetKuneBao damn those tacos look good. I’m never in that area but I’m bookmarking it for next time I’m around there.

I often cook something and when I’m eating it realize, “hey, this is vegan.”

Though more often than not after I think for a minute I have to say, “Well, except for the broth / fish sauce / bacon.”


I can’t speak to tradition but in the August 2019 feature on horchata in the LA Times they found dairy in a few well known Mexican spots in LA.

“Does your horchata have dairy in it?” I asked after seeing a notice on the menu at the West Hollywood location of Guisados. The cashier said yes. A couple days later at La Playita Siete Mares in Silver Lake, I asked the same question and got the same answer. And then the same at Tacos 1986 in downtown L.A. After that third time, I started questioning whether I had been mistaken about my favorite agua fresca.


Weird. I guess using milk is less work than making rice milk.

Using dairy definitely seems to boost the creaminess. One of the recipes in that same feature (the only one that used dairy) included evaporated milk and the resulting rice milk which I found interesting. I’m just spitballing but I think the higher fat content would mimic the resulting texture from a higher concentration of nuts (which would also be much more expensive to include).

I’m not vegan or lactose intolerant (to my knowledge) but I am glad Guisados announces there’s dairy in their horchata. It’s so creamy it reminds me of my favorite horchata from @robert’s neck of the woods, La Mission. After the article I wondered if they use dairy but I haven’t had a chance to ask.

Hug Life

For veggie people this is probably the best vegan ice cream. I first visited them maybe 2 years ago and I thought the texture/consistency was off (as is the case with lots of vegan stuff). Went back recently and it has improved so much, more creamy than I can ever expect from a vegan ice cream. It ain’t replacing cow fat cream but it’s pretty damn good for what it is. Only in Little Saigon and in the city of Orange.

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Love the name.

We had Guisados for dinner tonight. The Horchata is delicious and the cows milk makes a notable difference. I didn’t ask if there is also rice milk but I assume so. I’m not an expert, but is adding cows milk cheating? Not traditional?

My vegan took me here a couple weeks ago. Agreed. Interesting flavor choices and good texture. Nice folks working there and buzzing with customers, even on a cold December night.

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That looks delish!

You aren’t lying. Everyday, I get up and think I can’t make it another day. Today is one of those days. Just trying to get through the day. I LOVE MEAT and cheese too! lol



The best vegan alternatives to ice cream I’ve encountered were nut sorbets made with a PacoJet.

This coconut-ginger sorbet is surprisingly good for something so simple:

I think it just tastes time to adjust your palate. People all over the world eat all sorts of totally different cuisines because it’s what they’re used to. For example, I don’t think people in South India are craving meat. They have a totally satisfying meatless cuisine.

Luckily, we live in a city in which it is easy to find a wide variety of healthy vegetarian and vegan foods. My wife and I eat vegan half the time not because we are vegan but because the quality of the food at vegan restaurants tends to be way higher than the quality at ordinary restaurants.


We still stan Scream Sorbet’s pacojet products in the short year or so they were next to BakeSale Betty. Their pistachio sorbet tasted more like pistachios than straight up pistachios.

I came very close to buying a pacojet at a restaurant sale last week but I’d already bought my “insane for a home kitchen” piece of equipment for the next year or so.

If anyone knows of any restaurants that serve pacojet ice cream in the LA/OC area please share.

Scream’s pistachio sorbet was fantastic.

This piece mentions some LA restaurants that had Pacojets in 2007:

Emotionally satisfying, maybe, but nutritionally, not so much.

My son takes vegetarian protein supplements to maintain muscle mass.

Vegetarians and vegans in developed countries rarely experience protein deficiencies.

More common are the same kind of issues omnivores have from eating too much sugar, flour, potatoes, and highly processed foods and not enough whole fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts.

More tacos for you!


Vegan bodybuilders need the supplements.

Bodybuilders in general take protein supplements. It’s hard to consume such huge amounts of protein from whole foods.

That guy likes a lot of cod.