Anybody giving Kismet a try anytime soon?

Kismet is the all-day Middle Eastern spot in the old Mother Dough space, run by Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson of Madcapra in GCM. Looks pretty darn tasty, LA can always use another good Israeli-leaning restaurant, though we shall see if the place is too hip for its own good.


The crew of Ludo Lefebre, Michael Voltaggio, Roy Chip, Jon Shook, Vinny Dotolo, and a few others hit it up the other day. I’m sure they’re friends with the owners.

Run by two Blue Hill at Stone Barns alums…kind of wild.

Hopefully will go see what that “rabbit for two” is like at some point.

You saw them eating there or you’re friend with all of those people?

@Aesthete I saw a photo of them on Instagram.

Ah, was gonna say, if you had dinner with all those guys, you must be a somebody in the restaurant world yourself lol

Ya and I think Jon and Vinny are on board, at least from a financial standpoint. Quite a lot of potential star power behind this place, would love to see it really work out.