Anyone been to Garlic & Chives? LA Times recommended

Hi All,

Just caught an article in the L.A. Times by J. Gold about a new “fusion” Vietnamese restaurant called Garlic & Chives.

In the article it seems J. Gold proclaimed it pretty fantastic.

I also noticed that Vietnamese restaurant making… Toothpick Lamb(!).

I’m reminded of the post from TonyC right when Chengdu Taste first opened up. Seriously, what’s up with Toothpick Lamb? Is this some new trend? Is it something that originated in China?

Thanks. :smile:

Hey, there. Went today after a morning trip to Disneyland. Got seated immediately, but there was a fairly busy lunch crowd. I ordered the fried garlic salmon belly, shaking beef, and a side of their garlic noodles. It was good, but I can’t see myself driving down there from WeHo for a special trip. The bo luc lac can’t hold a candle to the versions I’ve had at Newport Seafood or Duck House this past year, but it certainly wasn’t bad. Attentive and friendly service. And very decent prices. Felt more like a good neighborhood joint than a destination restaurant.

I truly have no idea how this place has so much hype.

Not sure what I am missing.