Anyone else attend L.A. Loves Alex's Lemonade event today?

I have gone to this event for the past 7 years and today’s event was the best. Great selection of food from a stellar group of chefs. Excellent wine and other libations as well. So happy to have been there. The auction was incredible. 5 items were auctioned, including dinner for 20 at Jimmy Kimmel’s home. I believe that raised 100K. Dinner catered for 12 in your own home cooked by six women chefs (Goin, Silverton, April Bloomfield, Sherry Yard, De Laurentis went for $55K and then someone else bid another 55K. Men chefs didn’t bring in as much money.
Here are the chefs who participated. I really enjoyed the NY Steak from Cut, OMG, so much food and all so good, I can’t remember everything I ate. I do remember enjoying the food from Sotto, Bestia, Republique, Emerson and Sweet Rose Creamery and Salt’s Cure.
Nick Anderer (New York, NY) – Maialino
Thomas Bellec (Los Angeles, CA) – THE Blvd Restaurant
Chris Bianco (Phoenix, AZ) – Pizzeria Bianco, Pane Bianco, Bar Bianco
April Bloomfield (New York, NY) – The Spotted Pig
Josef Centeno (Los Angeles, CA) – Baco Mercat
Adam Cherney, Amy Deaderick, Javier Espinoza, Mercedes Rojas (Los Angeles, CA) – THE LUCQUES GROUP
Michael Cimarusti (Los Angeles, CA) – Providence
Josiah Citrin (Los Angeles, CA) – Melisse, Charcoal Venice
Derek Dammann (Montreal, QC, Canada) – Maison Publique
Giada De Laurentiis (Las Vegas, NV) – Giada
Eva Ein (Santa Barbara, CA) – McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams
Susan Feniger (Los Angeles, CA) – Border Grill
Michael Fiorelli (Los Angeles, CA) – Love & Salt
Ben Ford (Los Angeles, CA) – Ford’s Filling Station
Jeremy Fox (Los Angeles, CA) – Rustic Canyon
Neal Fraser (Los Angeles, CA) – Redbird, BLD, ICDC, Fritzi Dog
Ray Garcia (Los Angeles, CA) – Broken Spanish
Andrew Gavalla & Shannon Swindle (Los Angeles, CA) – Craft
Valerie Gordon (Los Angeles, CA) – Valerie Confections
Cosmo Goss (Chicago, IL)- The Publican
Jonathan Grahm (Los Angeles, CA) – Compartes
Maria Hines (Seattle, WA) – Tilth, Golden Beetle, Agrodolce
Timothy Hollingsworth (Los Angeles, CA) – Otium, Barrel & Ashes
Bruce Kalman (Los Angeles, CA) – Union Pasadena, Knead & Co Pasta Bar + Market
Anthony Keene (Los Angeles, CA) – The London Hotel
Sara Kramer & Sarah Hymanson (Los Angeles, CA) – Madcapra
David Lentz (Los Angeles, CA) – The Hungry Cat
Donald Link (New Orleans, LA) – Pêche, Herbsaint, Cochon, Cochon Butcher
Jenn Louis (Portland, OR) – Sunshine Tavern, Lincoln Restaurant
Tyler Malek (Portland, OR + Los Angeles, CA) – Salt & Straw
Matt Molina (Los Angeles, CA) – Everson Royce Bar
Walter Manzke + Margarita Manzke (Los Angeles, CA) – Republique
Ori Menashe (Los Angeles, CA) – Bestia
Zoe Nathan (Los Angeles, CA) – Huckleberry
Dahlia Narvaez (Los Angeles, CA) – Mozza Restaurant Group
Bryant NG (Los Angeles, CA) – Cassia
Nancy Oakes & Dana Younkin (San Francisco, CA) – Boulevard Restaurant
Adam Perry Lang (New York, NY + Los Angeles, CA) – Serious BBQ
Chris Phelps & Zak Walters (Los Angeles, CA) – Salt’s Cure
Zachary Pollack (Los Angeles, CA) – Alimento
Ari Rosenson (Los Angeles, CA) – CUT
Steve Samson (Los Angeles, CA) – Sotto
Aaron Sanchez (New Orleans, LA) – Johnny Sanchez
Michael Schwartz (Miami, FL) – Fi’lia, The Genuine Hospitality Group
Sahar Shomali (Los Angeles, CA) – Lucques Group
Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo (Los Angeles, CA) – Animal, Son of a Gun, Jon & Vinny’s
Nancy Silverton (Los Angeles, CA) – Mozza Restaurant Group
Frank Stitt (Birmingham, AL) – Highlands Bar and Grill
John Sundstrom (Seattle, WA) – Lark, Bitter/Raw, Slab Sandwich & Pie
Andy Sutton (Anaheim, CA) – Napa Rose
Suzanne Tracht (Los Angeles, CA) – Jar
Marc Vetri & Jeff Michaud (Philadelphia, PA) – Vetri
Bryan Voltaggio (Los Angeles, CA)? – Volt Restaurant
Michael Voltaggio (Los Angeles, CA) – ink.
Jonathan Waxman (New York, NY) – Barbuto
Rocco Whalen (Cleveland, OH) – Fahrenheit Charlotte
Jason Winters (Los Angeles, CA) – Urban Pie
Sherry Yard (Los Angeles, CA) – Ipic Group
Shiho Yoshikawa (Los Angeles, CA) – Sweet Rose Creamery


Best. food. event. ever.


Great food and cocktails at every turn, all for a wonderful cause. Twas a terrific day.

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Over $1000,000.00 raised to help fund research for pediatric cancer. So we ate and drank for a good cause and had so much fun! It is difficult to explain to folks how much fun this event is. Unlike other food events, one doesn’t just get served little “tastes.” The peach cobbler with vanilla gelato from Mozza was a dessert-size portion. Pizzas are full slices. I recall something delicious from Animal and from Spotted Pig and Sotto which were also very generous. I even bid successfully for an item from the Silent Auction. At $195.00 pp it is a very good deal.


Helper_Monkey, did you happen to eat a burger from Matt Molina’s Emerson? It was so good.

Yep. The Everson Royce burger was tasty. I tasted pretty much everything with highlights being Pizzeria Bianco, Broken Spanish, Adam Perry Lang, Union, Huckleberry, Hungry Cat, Alimento and many many cocktails

Sounds great how were the lines?

Lines were very manageable… I don’t think I had to wait more than 5 minutes for any item. It was interesting to see how the folks flocked to the dessert tables after the auction. When I hit Huckleberry, Sherry Yard, Mozza and Sweet Rose Creamery, I had my choice of a gazillion different options. I returned after the auction to take some photos and there were far fewer items. Lesson: Eat your dessert before the auction.


David Lenz convinced me to try his Sea Urchin Shooter. OMG. So good. I am now developing an appreciation for sea urchin.

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That sounds overwhelming, so many choices! How many people were there?

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It MUST have been a great event… So many cocktails to make one’s math ability go askew! :slight_smile:

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Ha Ha. :slight_smile: Never could get those zeroes right.

Two thousand attended and one million dollars raised.

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The zeroes are fine – you’re just missing the customary comma after the one. Great report – wish I could have gone.

Very cool this sounds like a very worthwhile event. Must try for next year.

I’ve gotta say, Jimmy Kimmel seems like such a mensch. What a guy! But hats off to all of those who participate in this and all the other charitable events.

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I had tons of great food. Uni from Lenz was great.

My favorite dish was Joseph Centino’s Lamb riblet
Adam Perry Lang’s Beef ribs were terrific as well.
The Spotted Pig grilled cheese with guanciale - AMAZING.

The Spotted Pig grilled cheese with guanciale and baked dates…AMAZING. So much great food. Difficult to remember everything I ate.
Didn’t get to the short ribs but saw people eating them and everyone looked very happy. The vodka, watermelon, cucumber cayenne pepper cocktail from the the Lucques Group mixologists was sure good. I was a little disappointed that David Lenz didn’t present his full oyster bar this year as in previous years but was sure happy with the uni shooters. I recall eating something terrific from Otium but can’t remember what it was. Next year I am determined to go to the after party, even if it means I go alone. :slight_smile:

Near the end Lenz was handing out whole (and moving) uni shells with lots of uni inside

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