Anyone have a hook up on res at Dan Tana's? (for tonight)

Have a buddy from college call me and he’s coming in last minute tonight…wanted to get the boys back together for a dinner at Tanas…

They’re usually annoying for day of (unless i’m doing a res for a celeb/agent).

Anyone have a hook? Pretty please. Party of 4. Normal dinner hours.

You don’t need a hookup - what you do need is 2 twenties.
Walk in, say, “I am sorry but I don’t have a reservation. We are a party of 4.” Slip the Maitre d’ your twenties.
A table should appear in 30 minutes. Have a few drinks and soak up the atmo.


lmao niiiiice

Andrew Jackson (and his identical twin) to the rescue…

when i first read that i thought you meant two twenty-somethings.


The earlier you get there the better. 6:30-7 at the latest tonight or there is going to be long wait. You want to sit in the front bar room. Had a great meal there last night.

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Just checked. You can get in at 6 for 4. After that booked until 10.

thanks for checking man, we decided to stay on the west side though since my friend is staying in Marina del Rey.

Trying to decide between Sotto or Tasting Kitchen (have a res at both).

FTC tell me what to choose