Anyone make popsicles?

If so, do tell. I’m thinking or juicing some fresh fruit, using chunks from the fruit and mixing maybe frozen lemonade or limeade. Anyone have a healthier alternative to the frozen lemonade? Does erewhon have something. Looked at rainbow acres didn’t see anything. except raw cane sugar and lemon juice.

EIn summer I make a squeeze bottle of simple syrup (1:1 water to sugar), then squeeze a bunch of lemons and save the juice in a jar. That way you can make lemonade all week for about 20 minutes of active work time.

Commercial lemonade is very sweet, but I sometimes buy Simply Lemonade when there are a lot of kids around. It’s a pretty clean drink, at least last time I read the label.

Paletas are usually just fruit and simple syrup.

A long time ago, me ex and I made raspberry sorbet w/o an ice cream maker. I can’t remember all the details, but one trick I do remember:

If you don’t agitate your mixture while it’s freezing (as does an inecream maker), you end up with a hard ice block, rather than scoopable sorbet. A way to combat this is an egg white or two, it won’t freeze as hard as the water and leaves the result soft enough to spoon into bowls or to bite through on a stick without breaking your teeth.

The low-tech Italian technique for making sorbet is to stir it occasionally.

That might have been part of it. It was 20-something years ago (and boy doesn’t THAT make me feel fabulous).

But for Popsicles where you can’t really stir the mixture an egg white might leave it a little less likely to break a tooth.

Use a bit of gelatin in your Popsicles (or a pkg of Jell-O).

I just purée fruit, pour it in the molds, and freeze. Usually berries, pineapple, or mango. If I have peaches, I’ll cube those and add them in sometimes. No sugar, no extra stuff.


I had some. Haven’t tried them yet.