Anyplace in LA make kanom gui chai (Thai fried chive cakes)?

A Brooklyn friend posted a picture of this dark green “scallion pancake,” which I’ve never seen or heard of before.

Googling ขนมกุยช่ายทอด "los angeles" turned up the Bhan Kanom Thai dessert shop. I guess you fry it at home.


My inclination would be Ruen Pair (Thai-Chinese dishes), Luv2eat (the owners are Thai-Chinese), and Siam Sunset (Thai-Chinese dishes mostly for breakfast). It’s not on any of their menus. You may have some luck by calling ahead and requesting it but no guarantee. I am curious as well it looks great!

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Nice find I’ll have to give it a try sometime

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If memory serves, I believe both Rodded and Siam Sunset serve something similar.