Anything decent between LA and Vegas?

Not a fan, and I just went there.

I will have to check out your recommendation then.

I really like the “Barstow Taco”, which is essentially an overstuffed (larger shell, too, I think) “Classic Taco” – meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes in a crispy shell. I have them add onions as well. The main difference is that they use fresh ground beef, as opposed to that TVP-laden bagged 'meat" concoction they use in the chain locations (i.e. anywhere outside of Barstow).

Did you try the brisket at Bigg Dane & Beales? If so, how was it?

I’ve been to the Steak & Shake in LV (Southpoint) and was less than impressed. Mediocre burgers – I much prefer INO.

The one time we went to Mad Greek, I thought the gyro was only fair and the burger terrible.

If you like cake donuts, then for sure check out Pixie. I cannot comment on their raised.

Yeah it was decent. Good flavor, a bit over cooked and fatty. Definitely liked the ribs. Overall quality que. For that area and for the drive, Bigg Dane would be a solid choice.

Idle Spurs Steakhouse is a Barstow institution. I’ve enjoyed a few meals there.

Yelp Idle Spurs

No one take this the wrong way, but is it really necessary to sit down and eat during a 4 hour drive?

Let me try that again, it is really necessary to eat during a 4 hour drive?


all you need, TS

The Southwest flight is so brief that they can’t even squeeze in enough time for one lousy drink.

Decent? That leaves a lot of room for interpretation. There really isn’t much at all once you pass Victorville.

Mad Greek (Baker) is one of the few interesting places along the middle of that drive, but I’ve found it’s gotten way over-priced for what is not all that great. There’s another one in Primm, but by the time you reach there you’re almost in Vegas anyway.

Peggy Sue’s 50’s Diner is in Yermo, a bit North of Barstow. It’s a traditional vibe and the food is OK. It gets 3.5 to 4 stars on Yelp and Trip Advisor.

"No one take this the wrong way, but is it really necessary to sit down and eat during a 4 hour drive?

Let me try that again, it is really necessary to eat during a 4 hour drive?"

Well if you happen to be like my in-laws who live in Diamond Bar and travel mid-week to the house they own in Summerlin, it’ll take 4 hours to get to Vegas. If you are like the rest of us schmoes who are too cheap to take Southwest and rent a car there, are leaving work at 4pm on a Friday, only to hope you get to Vegas by midnight. Since you haven’t had anything to eat since your lunch of an apple, an Honest Tea and a bag of Cheetos from the vending machine at work, when you actually get to Baker CA with your bladder full and starving, the Mad Greek and Bun Boy [now Bob’s I think] become an Oasis in the desert. You realize that it’s a mirage of Haute Cuisine, but at that point you don’t care.


24 hour Original Pancake House and desperado in Primm

Yes, our standards do seem to drop after a long drive. BTW, Bob’s didn’t last long at that location – I never went there, but if it was anything like the short-lived Vegas incarnation some years back, I didn’t miss much. For us at least, if we don’t get the DT Barstow Tacos (or InO burgers) back in Barstow, it’s either fake tacos at JITB in Baker, or just tough it out with more Jalapeno Cheetos till we get back home.

Our preferred method these days, is to pick up Langer’s pastrami and bread on the way out of L.A., and eat pastrami tacos of sorts on the road. That usually holds us till we get back home.