April 2021 Rundown

Happy April


Gonna be in Philly all day Saturday, and could maybe fit in a breakfast/brunch on Sunday.

Breakfast:South Philly Barbacoa

2nd breakfast? Prefer walking distance from Italian Market area. Pho 75 on Washington?

Franklin Institute @10 am. Barnes Foundation @ 145 pm.

Dizengoff afterwards for hummus and pita or for lunch after Franklin Institute. Johns Roast Pork if I can make it afterwards. (Small roast pork with sharp prov and rabe or spinach, and small cheesesteak wiz wit) or hoagie at Cosmi’s?

Not sure afterwards for dinner…or breakfast the next day (Easter…f it go to Wawa or bodega?)

@PorkyBelly halp!


south philly barbacoa
skip pho 75 or move it to easter sunday
isgro pastries - cannoli
di bruno bros.
john’s water ice

franklin institue - pro tip: you can BYOL(unch). nothing like digging into a wawa hoagie (or level up with an angelo’s pizzeria or john’s roast pork hoagie) after running around inside of a giant heart. pick up some snacks from di bruno bros too.
you can’t go wrong with any solomonov restaurant: dizengoff, merkaz, k’far, or goldie.

lazer wolf
pizzeria beddia
vernick food and drink

sunday breakfast
k’far cafe



It has been a couple years since I was in Philadelphia, but seconded for all of the Solomonov spots (especially Zahav) and Suraya. Biggest surprise was Vernick because it wasn’t on my radar before the trip, but I had a great meal there.

Looking forward to the reports!


South Philly Barbacoa

What a great meal!

I think I might give a slight edge to the pancita! But the barbacoa is delightful! You guys seen Chefs Table. Handmade tortillas with Mexican corn grown locally, not that GMO crap.

I seen the Mexican food in NYC and they are still using non-handmade tortillas. I can’t imagine a better Mexican restaurant on the East Coast.

Wow! I been missing Mexican food for over a year. Moving away from California I really miss eating Mexican food, and interacting with the Mexican community. It really is a part of you if you grew up in California.


Isgro Pastries

Space Mountain like wait down the block. Ate it on the streets of South Philly. Ricotta and Mascrapone. Both very good. Since 1904!



The Asparagus Hummus (with yellow bell pepper relish?), outstanding. The Brisket is… the texture is almost jerky like I feel like I am going to choke on it. I always like it when vegetables outshine protein. Beets are nice with bits of red onion and dill. I love how these typical “side dishes” you see at a takeout spot in LA are the star show.

Because you are gonna ask I think Bavel’s hummus and pita is better. I may be LA/CA biased though. The service at Bavel is better too on top of that


No name stand in front of Siloam market. Wok hei was great but rad na and pad see ew both lacking flavor.

I don’t know if I got faranged pricing but it was 20 bucks for two dishes.


Was $10/each last November as well. Had a similar experience although not quite as glum tasting as it seems yours was. The recent rave review had me thinking I should try again. This evens that out :slight_smile:


I loved the vibe outdoor tables and outdoor wok just wish the food tasted better.

If you’re looking for a good wok hei pad see ew both Luv2eat and holy basil do good ones.

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Got some baba ganoush, muhammara, labneh at Suraya. Waiting for my Beddia order at 2. Angelos Pizzeria is still closed was gonna get the upside down, grandma, round cheese, chicken cutlet sandwich, Italian hoagie, cheesesteak with cooper sharp…


Holy moly this Lebanese place! I got these as appetizer for Beddia. That muhammra is out of this world. The labheh and baba ganoush were fine, I like it slightly more smokier. That Lebanese chai latte is really good with the tumeric mellowing out the spices for a well balanced flavorful chai latte.

I’ll have to try the dinner and hot dishes, but Philly is not too bad for Med/Middle Eastern at least for “contemporary”.


Included the underboob shots for FTCers, I personally like a little char here and there.

Pizzeria Beddia

This is some great pizza. Is it the best? Well I haven’t had DiFara’s, Pepe’s, and South Philly’s Angelo’s Pizzeria (their cheesesteaks, hoagies, and chicken cutlets also look ridiculously good. It seems like they mastered all of the East Coast classics!).

It’s a thin crust, what appears to be a cheese blend, non-pepperoni cup pepperoni (imported higher quality pep?), and a nice tomatoey sauce to bring it all together. I wouldn’t say it’s a revelation but it is pretty damn good. The Tomato Pie…this is a thing out here that you don’t see in California. Slightly sweet and garlicky with a great crunch from the crust. This would make a fine snack.


$60 omakaze at Akafuji in La Habra. Not pictured was a very good crab hand roll. Pretty good value and quite good especially for this part of town. The Santa Barbara uni was luscious. Added on a few more pieces and we’ll certainly be back.


I gotta say, the SB uni has been pretty creamy dreamy this month…


We like that place, too! Only been a couple of times, and I was mildy surprised that the fish quality was higher calibre than the usual sushi places that open up in this area.
Eggbred a couple of doors down has pretty good breakfast poutine and sandwiches a la Egg Slut.


Must be having some nice calm weather up north. The uni was particularly great on Friday. Will have to eat more while the getting is good.


Very nice plaza I never knew existed. I was at the source on Sunday and those egg sandwiches look good. For the price and quality we’d take Akafuji over Noguchi.

My friend says the Chinese noodle place in that plaza is worth a drive from Brea.

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Heads-up to @js76wisco, @attran99, @OCSteve and any other OC-area FTCers:

Ramen TAO just expanded! Their second location is in Orange on Tustin Ave.
Here is a photo of their red miso ramen from their website to whet your 'buds.

2143 N Tustin St
Ste 1
Orange, CA 92865

(I know you know all about Ramen TAO, @attran99. Thank you for the original rec!)


Not nearly as tasty as the new $5 Saturday Market in Thai Town, the vendor area and picnic grounds at Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep USA in Chino Hills have expanded and recently reopened for Sundays from 10am to 3pm.

I would say the foods are hit and miss like those at Wat Thai of Los Angeles, but the place is really nice to hang out for a bit, with plenty of picnic tables and even some music.

More info and photos on my website.