Arko International Food in Glendale - no it's not Armenian

Wow never thought I’d say this but Filipino mixed rice can be very tasty. Stopped by Arko International Food supermarket in Glendale for lunch yesterday. There’s a terrific prepared food section with a huge selection of traditional Filipino dishes. As far as I could tell, clientele is almost exclusively Filipino and the place was mobbed during lunch.

Pigged out on a combo plate of pork sisig, caldetera (beef stew like), a side of banana blossoms, chicharrons and lumpia. All in all pretty tasty.
1425 E Colorado St, Glendale

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couple more pics

2018 looks set to be the year for Filipino food in LA. Quick bump and plug for the excellent OG joint in Glendale - Arko International Food.


They have mais queso ice cream in their freezer section. Pork porchero was very good, although I think the one at Fiesta Sa Barrio might be a bit better.

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Huh…did you change your mind on that flavor?

No. I never said the ice cream was good. Just that it was there.

i tried the sisig (sp?) & adobo combo today. a little pricey, but tasty.

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