Artelice Patisserie (Sawtelle Japantown): A Pictorial Essay

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or the family and friends have cashed in on their homes
[/quote]I was thinking (hoping) maybe a few were able to make some cash on grand-mommy’s home. I wouldn’t exactly call Lancaster or Riverside a “deluxe apartment in the sky high”, but better than death or prison.

Thanks for the kind words.

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Update: Now HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. A regular stop for me now. Bikini season is ruined.


Stumbled up this place while going to Balconi coffee. It’s situated right next door, at a location where a gentleman would make crepe ice cream faces on his desserts. Now it serves pretty amazing delicacies. You can get coffee at Balconi and sit at a table in front, enjoying the desserts.

I’ve been four times now and each time, I found the desserts to be excellent. I am not a fan of the macaroons, though. I had a matcha green tea that was bitter and the other flavors were good, but somehow not to my taste.

The tirasmu dessert is delicious! Chocolate dessert was also fantastic! The chocolate eclair is heaven for a dark chocolate lover - but I preferred the caramel.

I think the milk chocolate one with nuts was called Roche and is so rich and decadent!

Each time I go, they have a larger selection.

They also now have mini versions of the desserts.

The only off putting thing was they offered to sell me a box for the maracoons. That seems a little chintzy.


Thanks, looks great. So if one was to go here to eat dessert, where would the be wanting to have food first on sawtelle? we used to hang there pretty hard a decade ago, but these days besides Tsujita I know nothing great.

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Artelice was discussed earlier on the board - It’s been a regular stop for me since it opened back in March for a delicious confectionary (or five)…

My Sawtelle current state of play:
(roughly North to South, dinner rankings, from 0 to 5 stars):
Shinsengumi ***
Nanbankan *****
Flame International **
Dahab **
Louigi’s Pizza *
Nina’s **
Bar Hayama ***
Plan Check ***
Tempura House **** (but no dinner service)
Presto Deli ** (but no dinner service)
Anzu Japanese Gourmet ***
Mizu212 ***
Beni Tora ***
Sonorita’s Prime Tacos ****
Sushi Tsujita ****
TenTenYu ***
B Sweets Dessert Bar ***
Chocolate Opulence *
Tofu Ya **
Asahi Ramen **
Flores + Sons **
Ohana Burger ***
Hide Sushi ***
Marugame Udon (not yet open)
Tsujita Annex *****
Lemonade zero stars
ROC Kitchen ***
Nong La Cafe ***
SushiStop zero stars
Tsujita Ramen *****
Furaibo ***
Seoul Sausage Co ***
Blockheads Shavery ****
Tomo Coffee **
MJ Cafe Express ***
Seoul House of Tofu **
Volcano Tea ****
Tasty Noodle (not yet open)
ChinChiKurin **
Kimukatsu *****
Tatsu Ramen zero stars
Manpuku Tokyo BBQ ***
Kitchen Story **
Hurry Curry of Tokyo ***
Kula Revolving Sushi *
Beard Papa ***
Curry House ***
Yakitoriya ****
Brian’s Shave Ice ***
Kiriko *****
Honeymee ****
Coco Fresh Tea & Juice **
Kaiten Sushi Daichan **
Sea Salt Poke *
Butcher’s Dog **
Morinoya *****
Balconi Coffee *****
Artelice ****
Starbuck’s *
Panda Express *
Daikokuya **
Champagne Bakery ***
Lollicup Fresh***
Baja Fresh **
Which Wich **
SushiStop zero stars
Popcorn Chicken ****1/2


Plan Check is always reliable for very good food!

AMAZING list and ratings!

Has Ohana closed? We were walking by a few days ago, and it was totally dark. :frowning:

Will have to try Nanbankan and Sonorita’s. And maybe Kimikatsu, if you’re ranking it that highly.

I must admit that I always spit (in my mind) when I pass by Lemonade and am glad to see that it has such little business. :stuck_out_tongue:

Partner and I very much Popcorn Chicken. The beef noodle soup really needs the chili oil though. They once served it to us w/o (randomly), and it was a bit too sweet for my taste w/o the chili to balance it out.





This warning must have something to do with that MSG debate. Too bad their Ajinomoto-saturated brains can’t parse this info. :thinking::cry::stuck_out_tongue:

I like Korean Market, Anzu, Popcorn Chicken, and Plan Check. Been avoiding Tsujita since they got the Scarlet C.

I am willing to battle traffic and hunt for a parking space on Sawtelle for the following:

  1. Daikokuya- Spicy ramen and kaarage chicken.
  2. Hurry Curry - Pork cutlet curry and Mentaiko spaghetti.
  3. Seoul Sausage Co. (when it’s my turn to carpool basketball practice and feed boys).

R.O.C. used to be my favorite reason to deal with Sawtelle, but now there is one in Playa, so I go there.

I miss Robata-ya, that was a regular dinner spot for a while. (Any suggestions for another casual yakitori place?)

Most of the other food, ramen, sushi, burgers, pizza, are available elsewhere with less hassle.

for yakitori? Nanbankan

I liked that place, haven’t been in a while. Thanks for the reminder.

Yakitoriya too

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Mmmm… I did not find that place welcoming or relaxed in any way. I went once with a friend. I was embarrassed I had suggested it. Food was fine, ambiance and service made us feel very unwelcome.

The dreaded Japanese “regular vs. non-regular customer syndrome” strikes yet again, I’m afraid. Sorry you had that experience at Yakitoriya. (I’m not a “made man” there, either, so I know how cold it can be.) For what it’s worth, the food at NanBanKan is awesomer, anyways (and no such dichotomy in customer care there)…


Thanks for sharing your ratings on Tomo vs Balconi. Went inside Tomo to take a look last year and didn’t seem interesting to me.

Balconi was very good. Easily runs circles around most of San Francisco’s hipster coffee.

I’m assuming you’ve had regular coffee or JP style iced coffee at a Kissaten in Tokyo (where they also serve cakes, sometimes spaghetti, sandwiches etc). What’s the closest Kissaten experience in LA and/or Torrance/Gardena, where the coffee is actually done properly (beans not under roasted, hipster style)? Anything similar in style/approach to Hi-Collar in New York, for example?

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