At Colapasta in downtown Santa Monica, a Michelin-starred chef returns to his

1241 Fifth St, Ste 102
Santa Monica, CA 90401


Only been to La Botte and Maccheroni Republic once each, but loved them. We’ve got a wealth of amazing pasta in SaMo now…

I’ve been to Colapasta three or four times now. I love the Gramigna Bolognese. The Pesto I find enjoyable but a bit unusual. The casunziei, the house speciality, are great, but too small of a portion size. Breasola appetizer is tasty but the burrata is not of the light fluffy creamy variety that reigns supreme–it had a bit more mass. Sweet corn summer soup is very tasty.

Restaurant is small and not particularly attractive, but I go for the pasta, not the ambiance. Best pasta in SaMo for the value, and also some of the best pasta period. Highly recommend.


Tried it tonight and loved it. Had the house salad, lasagna, casunziei, and ragu.

Greens in the house salad are wonderful (and very, VERY woodsy). Dressing isn’t anything interesting, and I wouldn’t have minded if the dressing had been more acidic.

Misfocused while trying to take a shot of the lasagna. Gorgeous layers, and it was rich w/o being overwhelmingly so. If you’re looking for melty cheese, look elsewhere. @SpockSpork liked how the pasta sheets still had some bite.

I actually thought the casunziei was a decent size b/c I ate it very slowly since I was savoring each bite. Hard to go wrong w/ brown butter. Not really any detectable beet flavor.

@SpockSpork wanted a third dish. I was satiated after 2 and overly full about an hr after finishing the third… The ragu (presumably the same used in the lasagna) tastes very similar to the ragu at Uovo, but the texture is different (silky smooth). I’ve never had gramigna before and am not quite sure how it differs from, say, a bucatini. Perfectly al dente.

BTW, does anyone know what this vegetable is? I don’t know if I’ve ever had it b/f.